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This Week’s Issue: Rings Soldered Together

On this edition of the Weekly Before and After, we don't have severe damage, but rather a frequently requested service, soldering rings together. The most common types of rings soldered together are an engagement ring and a wedding band.

There are pros and cons to this process.

Pro’s – Soldering keeps them aligned at all times, prevents them from spinning around on your finger, and prevents them from rubbing against one another causing wear and tear to both rings.

Con’s – Soldering does prevent you from having the flexibility of wearing the wedding band by itself.

If you decide to solder the rings together, it then just comes down to two simple processes.
-Aligning the rings properly
-Applying heat to solder them together

The soldering process is simple, it's execution varies on the experience of the jeweler. Mistakes include: not heating evenly, not enough heat, bad joins, etc. But there's no need to worry, we staff only experienced Master Jewelers at our facilities.

After that we just performed a clean and polish and there we go!

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