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This Week’s Issue: A Very Damaged Hollow Ring Repair

On this edition of the Weekly Before & After, we focus on a hollow ring that was very damaged and misshapen. Hollow rings are very challenging for repairs because they have no structure in place to work with.

For this repair project, we had to:
-Reshape the shank
-Solder breakages
-Tighten the stones on the channel
-Finished with a clean and polish

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  1. I have a ring which has a gap in the back – in other words the band doesn’t connect all the way around. This is a silver ring and it has sentimental value for me. The size is 7.5 with the gap and I would like to keep the ring that size. Do you do these alterations and if so, what is the cost?

    Susanne Furay
  2. Hey Susanne, thank you for reaching out to us! We can definitely help with modifying the band on your silver ring. The process would be to replace the area of the band that has the gap instead of filling it in, and the cost would depend how much of the band (shank) needs to be replaced. Could you please message us at so we can understand the details of your particular ring? Thanks again!


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