Bulova believes in celebrating “extraordinary individuals who pioneered movements, push boundaries and challenge the status quo.” That’s all well and good, but you can’t pioneer a movement without a watch movement that doesn’t work properly. MyJewelryRepair.com specializes in certified watch repair for a variety of brands and makers of fine timepieces. You’ll always know what time it is when you’re shaking up the status quo when you get your watches serviced and repaired by My Jewelry Repair.

MyJewelryRepair.com - Specializing in Bulova Watch Repair for Over Two Decades

We’re happy to provide Bulova watch repair services to our customers, from minor upkeep to complete overhauls. Bulova is an iconic American watch brand founded in 1875, specializing in fine timepieces for both men and women. We use original parts for Bulova watch repair whenever possible. When we’re unable to do so, we have the part custom made. That’s our level of commitment to our customers.

We are specially certified to work on Bulova watches, a brand that is consistently innovative. Case and point: currently, Bulova is rolling out the world’s first curved chronograph movement. Bulova is a watch brand known for continuously coming out with trend-setting styles, including a brand new women’s collection.

Classic Bulova, Just-Out-of-the-Case Bulova, it Doesn’t Matter; MJR Will Fix it!

Do you have an iconic Bulova watch, like a Chronograph C or Rubaiyat? We have the expertise to provide certified Bulova watch repair for Archive Series revivals, even the Lunar Pilot Chronograph, which is made custom for astronomical conditions. For a watch made with such precision, you must make sure to trust any repairs to a Bulova watch repair specialist like MyJewelryRepair.com.

Best of all, you never have to leave the comfort of your home to get the certified watch repair you need. My Jewelry Repair is the first online, mail-in Bulova watch repair service with locations on the east and west coast. We’re proud to offer our services on a national scale.

We Charge Less AND Offer Free Shipping

MyJewelryRepair.com performs work of the highest caliber in the industry, yet it doesn’t affect our price point. We run a lean operation that allows us to expand each year in the most efficient way possible, which never comes at a cost to our customers. Yes low cost never has to mean low expertise; many of your local watchmakers and Bulova watch repair shops already send the work they cannot perform to us anyway.

Contact MyJewelryRepair.com today to get started. We’ll walk you through an easy online, mail-in process that will have your Bulova back to you in showcase form.

Our watch repair services also cover Accutron. Read more here.

Examples of our Bulova Watch Repair Services

This 1947 Bulova watch needed a clean, overhaul, adjust on the movement, as well as crystal and band replacement.
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A Bulova Accutron Watch from 1970 that required a full restoration on both the interior and exterior.

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This vintage 1967 Bulova M7 was badly scratched, had a missing crystal, and had heavy rust and corrosion.

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