Citizen started from humble beginnings, founded as the Shokosha Watch Research Institute in 1918, known as the manufacturer of Citizen watches (and Cincom precision lathe machine tools as well). Since the construction of their original pocket watch in 1924, they garnered their three-syllable name synonymous with timekeeping excellence: Citizen. specializes in Citizen watch repair and maintenance. Our certified watchmakers travel the globe, constantly updating their training and earning new certifications, WOSTEP, CW21 & SAWTA included. We offer an easy, mail-in service and a simple platform to request the Citizen watch repairs you need.

More On Citizen

Citizen’s Atomic Timekeeping watch in 1993 was the world’s first, remaining a pioneer of the field, combining that with light-powered Eco-Drive technology. This means precise time when powered by any source of light.

Citizen Atomic watches have a margin of error of only one second in 100,000 years, receiving radio signals from an atomic clock to set precise time. Precise enough for you? Yeah, us, too.

Official Timekeeper of the US Open Championships

Citizen keeps noble company, working closely with ATP, not to mention it serves as an ISU World Figure Skating Championships affiliate and official partner of Manchester United F.C.

Such prestige deserves special attention. All watches need routine maintenance, no matter how trusty they are. We’re your trusty repair place when your Citizen needs a pick me up.

Get More Mileage Out of Your Citizen with My Jewelry Repair

Our pricing is straightforward and we offer free shipping. We have locations on the East and West coasts to serve our customers on a national level. All you have to do is select your watch repair at, print your materials, pack your Citizen watch in need of service, then arrange USPS courier pickup for your convenience. You never have to leave home. Once the repair is expertly performed, we send it right back to you via secure mail. Pick your insurance for a custom level of safety.

Certified Watch Repair for Men and Women

If your watch is telling anything less than perfect time, then what are you waiting for? My Jewelry Repair performs over half a million repairs annually. Many of your local jewelers already send their stuff to us when they don’t have the skill or the tooling to do the job.

You don’t need a fast fix for your treasured Citizen watch. Put your Citizens in the hands of expert craftsman and give them the VIP treatment from My Jewelry Repair.

Visit to get your Citizen watch repair started. No matter if it’s a complete overhaul or routine upkeep, we provide repair and maintenance for all styles of watches in a wide variety of brands.