The 3 Types of Watch Movements

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Every watch is a complicated entity that has many moving parts. The movement of a watch is what makes a watch operate. Many folks consider a watch’s movement to be the beating heart of a watch.

There Are 3 Types of Watch Movements

Watch movements can be broken down into 3 categories:

  • Automatic
  • Mechanical (Manual)
  • Quartz


Automatic watches were the hot trend in the beginning of the 20th century. Those who were on the go were delighted by the fact that they didn’t have to wind their own watch, that it wound itself while worn on the wrist. The one drawback is that if you don’t wear an automatic watch for a prolonged period of time, the watch might need manual assistance. But, after you hand-wind the watch once, it’ll be back to normal.

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Mechanical watches (hand-wound movements) are heralded classics; the oldest type of watch movement ever made. Manual movements, unlike quartz, power the watch from a wound spring. No battery necessary. The watch spring collects, regulates, and releases energy transferred through springs and gears. Many who wear these love the idea that they keep time the same way as their ancestors did. Often, mechanical movements are found in very expensive, antique, and collectible watches.

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Quartz movements are battery-powered. No winding is ever required, even if you don’t wear the watch for some time. Quartz watches are also the most accurate type of timepiece currently in production. Typically, quartz movement batteries will last between 12 to 24 months.

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More recently, manufacturers are offering solar-powered watches, which adds convenience. These watches will never need battery change, cutting out the cost of battery replacement, which in its own way helps the environment. You don’t have to worry about proper battery disposal.

What is most important about your quartz watch is to replace the battery as swiftly as possible. Once the watch battery dies, there’s a chance that the battery can start leaking acid, which will do considerable damage to the movement. Do not try to replace your own watch battery, unless you have the proper water pressurization equipment and trained expertise. It’s a much better idea to send your watch to, where our certified watchmakers have the knowledge and dexterity to successfully repair any problem on any type of movement under the sun.

What type of watch do you like? Do you have any movements that need repair? Take a look at our website for pricing. We almost always come in at a lower price than your neighborhood repair shop. Often, neighborhood repair shops send the stuff they can’t repair to us anyway. also performs pressure testing — an important service. We not only change the battery, but we also perform a water and pressure test to make sure it lives up to manufacturer expectation, preserving your manufacturer’s warranty.

We look forward to getting your watches up and running again, no matter the problem.

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