Image Showcasing 1943 Bulova President

This Week’s Service: A Vintage Watch Restoration

On this edition of the Weekly Before & After, we break down one of the more challenging services we've encountered recently, a vintage watch restoration. In this case, a 1947 Bulova Timepiece that had a missing band, scratches on the case and crystal, and debris on the dial.

For this repair, the following was required:
-Interior cleaning
-Gasket replacement
-Crystal replacement
-Replacement of worn interior parts (mainspring, balance comp.)
-Adjustment of parts & interior
-Band replacement

It was then all wrapped up with a nice clean & polish and voila! A beautifully restored Vintage Bulova Timepiece.

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  1. I inherited a 1939 14kt Bulova Wristwatch. It looks very much like the above watch and works great. But, after all these years, I believe it could use a good cleaning and lubrication.

    Robert Burland
  2. Hi Robert! Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. We would love to help you with your timepiece, simply click on the Get Started button and our system will guide you through the order! If you have more questions feel free to reach out to us as at Have a great day!


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