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About Our Services

My Jewelry Repair runs on care and precision. Restoring memories is our motto and we have built our business around making that happen.

We have a team of certified watchmakers who carry countless certifications, including CW21 & SAWTA, and WOSTEP. Our master jewelers provide ring, necklace, bracelet, and earring repair. Our metal work can also repair any other form of jewelry made from precious metals. We also equip our teams with state of the art equipment, like a custom built clean room watch facility in California or our ring sizing specialization cell.

Our menu of services is constantly evolving, too, whether you need jewelry or watch restoration, routine maintenance, re-sizings, emergency fixes, appraisals, even engravings. Best of all, you can do the entire process online and via USPS. Free evaluations and free standard shipping. We don’t perform any repair until you give us the okay. Pick your repair online, pack your damaged watch or jewelry, then send it on over to us backed by whatever level of insurance you prefer. Once we finish the repair at either of our locations on the East and West coast, we just send it right on back!

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At My Jewelry Repair, we treat your showcase pieces and the jewelry you wear every day as if it were our own.

Common Jewelry Repair Service Questions:

How Much Does Jewelry Repair Cost?

It all depends on what you need done. Some work like ring sizing is fairly routine and has a much smaller price point. Other stuff like sourcing rare parts for a vintage watch could take weeks of sourcing and careful watchmaking.

Below are the most common kind of repairs. For a full breakdown, please visit our Pricing page

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Where Can I Find Jewelry Repair Near Me?

With… Anywhere!

When you find yourself asking where to go, you’ll be glad to know we can provide services from anywhere in the country! We have locations on both coasts and offer free standard shipping – even from Alaska and Hawaii.

Is Jewelry Repair Online Safe?

Of Course! We take a lot of care in creating the safest jewelry repair experience online. In our entire existence, we have not had a single repair order gone missing utlizing our USPS service. Once your order arrives here, we have in depth security processes and equipment to protect it, and we have more cameras than a casino (literally) that are monitoring every item in our facilities so that nothing ever goes missing.

For more information on how jewelry repair online can work for you, click here

How Does Jewelry Repair By Mail Work

You Never Have to Leave Your Home!

Print your shipping label and order slip. Choose your insurance, pack your repair(s). My Jewelry Repair provides step-by-step instructions for safe packaging and travel. All you have to do from there is schedule USPS courier pickup if you don’t want to leave your home, or drop-off (with your nearest USPS location). Tracking included for safe arrival and transparency.

You’ll never have to navigate a baffling mall layout again!

For more information on jewelry repair by mail, click here

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Certified Watch Restoration

Our watchmakers are CW21 & SAWTA certified and fully equipped with the facilities and equipment to meet watch manufacturer standards. From simple battery replacements to full mechanical movement clean, overhaul, and adjustments, our watchmakers can do it all.

For more information on our timepiece services, please visit:
Watch Repair Information.


Band Repair Replacement or Resizing, Band & Case Refinishing, Battery Replacement, Crystal Replacement (Sapphire Glass Lunette), Dial Repair, Engraving, Gasket Replacement, Link Additions or Removals, Mechanical Movement Repair, Movement Clean & Overhaul, Quartz Movement Replacement, Stem & Crown Repair, Vintage Timepiece Restorations, Water Resistance Testing (Pressure Testing).

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Professional Ring Repair & Sizing

From engagement ring resizings, to delicate invisible setting work, our experienced master jewelers can make your favorite ring look like new again.

For more information about our ring restoration services, please visit:
Ring Repair Information.


Clean & Polish, Engraving, Invisible Setting, Prong Retipping, Rebuild or Replace Prongs, Replace Head & Set Stone, Rhodium Coating, Ring Refurbishment, Ring Shank Reshaping/Replacement, Ring Sizing (Resizing), Half and Full Shank Repair, Solder/Fix Break in Ring, Solder Rings Together, Stonesetting, Stone Replacement, Tighten Loose Stones,

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Necklace & Pendant Repair

Pearl restringing, chain soldering, clasp replacements, whatever your necklace or pendant needs, we can do.

For more information on our necklace restoration services, please visit:
Necklace Repair Information.


Broken Chain Repair, Chain Soldering, Clean & Polish, Engraving, Pearl Restringing (Knotted or Unknotted), Prong Re-Tipping, Rebuild/Replace Prong Refurbishing, Replace/Repair Clasps, Snapped Elastic (Broken String), Solder/Fix Break in Chain, Stone Setting, Stone Matching, Stone Replacement, Other Miscellaneous Work.

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Bracelet Repair Services

Whether it’s a tennis bracelet, pearl strand, or charm bracelet, we have the people and tools to get the job done!

For more information on our bracelet restoration services, please visit:
Bracelet Repair Information.


Broken Lock Repair, Broken Hinge Repair, Charm Repair, Clean & Polish, Engraving, Invisible Setting, Jump Ring Repair, Metal Work, Prong Retipping, Rebuild or Replace Prongs, Rhodium Coating, Set Stones (Stonesetting/Tighten Loose Stones), Snapped Elastic (Broken String), Stone Replacement,

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Earring Repair Services

Whether you need a simple refurbishment or a whole post back conversion, no repair is out of our capabilities.

For more information on our earring restoration services, please visit:
Earring Repair Information.


Broken Hinge Repair, Clean & Polish, Invisible Setting, Jump Ring Repair, Metal Work, Posts and Backs Conversion, New Earring Mountings, Replace Posts/Clips/Backs, Rhodium Coating, Set Stones, Stone Replacement.

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Other Jewelry Repair Services

Cufflinks, Broochets, Anklets, if it’s jewelry we can repair it! Our facilities are equipped and staffed to ensure that we can handle any jewelry repair service. Have a question? Feel free to contact us