performs over 500,000 repairs annually. Our numbers grow every year because of our extensive repeat business (over 30%, actually). The Swiss Army watch is nearly as popular as the Swiss Army knife, known for its dependability. But even Swiss Army watches require expert care and routine maintenance from reliable watchmakers from time to time.

Swiss Army has been making watches in Switzerland since 1989, marketing each of their watches as crafted and designed to strike “the perfect balance between performance and timeless elegance.” By the time a Swiss Army watch touches your wrist it must pass over 100 quality control tests.

Stop Searching the Mall for Jewelry Repair Stands

Your local jeweler might already be using for Swiss Army watch repair. That might mean a clean and overhaul for a quartz movement, mechanical or solar movement, sapphire crystal replacement, and more. Even simple Swiss Army watch battery replacements should be sent to a pro. We’ll provide you with expert inspection, free clean and polish, and get your Swiss Army watch back to you with a brand new battery -- all in a 5-7 day turnaround.

Swiss Army Watches Serviced by My Jewelry Repair:

  • Men’s watches
  • Women’s watches
  • Diving watches
  • Business watches
  • Mechanical watches
  • Chronographs

We Repair Airborne, Space Age Watches

The speed, the excitement, and structural integrity of the airplane is captured in Swiss Army watches, aeronautical timepieces for the watch fanatic and the casual watch wearer alike. Each watch is its own separate entity and deserves special attention. Our certified watchmakers continue to earn new certifications; we’ll send them overseas to maintain their expertise -- that’s our level of commitment.

An Easy Online, Mail-In Process

Our process makes it easy for our customers to get the expert Swiss Army watch repair they need. Go through our user-friendly website to select your repair(s). We’ll provide you with shipping and contact info right then and there. Print your packing slip, select the right insurance for your Swiss Army watch, then pack your repair. You can even arrange for USPS courier pick up if you don’t want to leave your home. We include tracking for transparency and peace of mind.

You’d be surprised how many of your local jewelry and watch repair shops already use us when they need our special expertise.

The importance of precision engineering and ultimate clarity during life’s adventures is a part of Swiss Army, and we’ll help you keep yours ticking faithfully for years to come at Think of us when you need routine Swiss Army watch maintenance or complete overhauls.

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