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Restoring a vintage timepiece requires the best from a watchmaker

Whether you have a vintage watch or family heirloom, we can bring it back to life for you. Our certified watchmakers have the skills to repair or overhaul the movement as well as restore the dial, case, & crystal. In addition, we equip our watchmakers with state-of-the-art equipment so that they have everything they need.

Vintage watch restoration typically includes basic maintenance of the movement, any damaged parts are repaired or replaced, crystal restoration or replacement, dial refinishing, case and bracelet refinishing, water resistance testing, and the final step is monitoring the watch for 48 to 72 hours for accuracy.

Finding parts for these watches can be a challenge, but our long history with the industry has given us access to great sources. If the parts are no longer available, our certified watchmakers can manufacture some parts if needed.

Here are just a few examples of vintage watch restorations we have recently completed, and you can see the results are amazing.

Vintage Watch Restoration Examples

This 1947 Bulova watch needed a clean, overhaul, adjust on the movement, as well as crystal and band replacement.
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This Waltham watch needed a clean, overhaul, adjust on the movement, dial refinish, and stem & crown replacement.
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This Elgin watch needed a clean, overhaul, adjust on the movement, dial refinish, as well as crystal, stem & crown replacement.

This Black Starr & Frost Timepiece dates all the way back to the 1920's, and required sapphire stone replacements, and a full mechanical movement clean and overhaul.
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