Before & After #33

Before & After Series
Before & After #33 of a Jowissa Quartz Watch Getting Serviced with a Movement Replacement

A Quartz Movement Replacement for a Timepiece with Corrosion

On this edition of the Before & After Series, we spotlight a Jowissa Quartz Timepiece that had a damaged crystal, rust on the stem, and corrosion in the movement and case.

For this repair we had to:

It is important to always keep up with your watch‘s timely servicing. Even a small issue in the gear train and cause some serious damage to your timepiece’s movement, let alone having your movement completely corroded and needing it to be completely replaced.

Quartz movements batteries will also last between 12 to 24 months and will need a battery replacement on the regular. Regardless of the service you need, our Certified Watchmakers are here for your timepiece’s routine!

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Before #33 of a Jowissa Quartz Watch Prior to Professional Restoration


After #33 of a Jowissa Quartz Timepiece Getting Serviced by Certified Watchmakers

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Before & After #33