Watch Warranty Coverage – What You Need To Know

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All major watch manufacturers offer a warranty on their products, but not all warranties are the same. Warranties vary in both coverage and length.

Most manufacturers require a completed warranty card/document and proof of purchase.
Warranty information should be completed by the retailer at the time of purchase. If you decide to throw away all the extra packaging, the box, the pillow or cuff, and instruction booklet, be sure to keep the warranty card/document. Also, be sure to keep the receipt as your proof of purchase. Today many manufacturers provide an online registration process for your watch purchase, and some even offer an extension to your warranty if you register it online.

What is covered by most manufacturers?

Typically, the watch movement (time keeping mechanism) is warranted to keep accurate time, and is covered against manufacturer defects.

What is typically not covered?

There is an old saying in the watch industry, “If you can touch it, it’s not covered.” This basically means all the exterior components are not covered under most manufacturer warranties, including the crystal, band or bracelet, case, stem, crown, clasp, and the battery.

Why should I use an authorized service center?

Most manufacturers require all repair work (including a battery change) be performed by an authorized service center while it is under their warranty. If a watch is serviced by an unauthorized facility, it can void the warranty. Be careful, a quick battery change in the mall or at a local jeweler could void your manufacturer warranty. Authorized service centers are usually listed in the warranty/instruction paperwork.

Extended Warranties or Service Plans

Many retailers offer extended warranty or service plans on watches. Be sure to ask if your retailer has this type of program and what it covers.

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