Vintage Jewelry Restoration

Vintage Jewelry Restoration Example

Do you have a treasured vintage piece of jewelry that you can’t wear because it needs to be repaired, or it doesn’t fit? Good news, vintage jewelry restoration is one of our specialties at Whether it is a family heirloom that was passed down to you, an old class ring, or something you found at a yard sale or resale shop, we can help restore it to its original beauty.

A professional inspection, clean, and polish service in many cases is all your vintage jewelry needs to be brought back to life. Cleaning the stones, polishing out all the minor scratches, checking the prongs and setting to ensure they are in good condition are just a few of the steps our master jewelers will perform when restoring a vintage jewelry piece. Our master jewelers have years of experience and the state of the art equipment needed to work on your vintage piece.

If you have a damaged or missing stone in your vintage piece, we have an amazing sourcing team to find just the right stone, or in some instances have a stone specially cut for your piece. We not only need to match the color, but also the cut of the stone. The diamonds in many vintage pieces have cuts that are not commonly used today, for example Rose Cut, Old European Cut, or Old Mine Cut, and in some cases, the stones may be synthetic. Synthetic sapphires and rubies can be found in many vintage pieces, this was common in the early 1900’s.

Not only do we restore vintage jewelry and make it look like new again, but if the vintage piece is a ring, it may also need to be sized, and rest assured we can perform that service as well.

Some Examples of Our Work

Before & After #44 1960's Champion Ring Repair Restoration
Image Showcasing Before & After #12 of a Tarnished Butterfly Brooch Getting Extreme Restoration Services by Master Jewelers