What’s Your Plan for Valentine’s Day?

(Jewelry and Watch Repair as a Less Obvious Gift Choice)

Sometimes roses and chocolate are right on the money. Sometimes we like to think that people are more complicated than they are. The traditional dinner and surprise, the bouquet, the gift cards, they exist are stereotypes for a reason. They get the job done.

But in this day and age originality gets you a lot of points. Instead of having another carbon copy Valentine’s Day, maybe it’s time to mix it up.

But What About Jewelry Repair by Mail?

This Valentine’s Day My Jewelry Repair would like to encourage our customers and our readership to think outside of the box on this one. If your significant other has a brooch that’s seen better days, a necklace in need of repair, or a timepiece in need of a complete overhaul, we can get the job done. Best of all, you don’t even have to leave your home.

Valentine’s Day by the Numbers

Statistic Brain asserts that our average annual V-day spending reaches $13,290,000,000. Yeah, that’s a lot of coin. But how does the spending break down? Where’s all that sweet, sweet Valentine’s Day money going?

Greeting cards top the charts, raking in 52.1% of the action, followed closely by candy (you know, the chocolates and the colorful hearts) at 47.5%, then flowers at 34.3%. The average number of roses that are produced for Valentine’s Day reaches upwards of 198 million! Jewelry makes up 17.3% of Valentine’s Day purchases. Jewelry repair makes up a portion of that percentage.

Whether it’s Vintage Jewelry Restoration or Refurbishment, Think Twice Before Buying New

Fixing jewelry in need of repair is still a growing industry as more and more people look to save money by refurbishing or repairing their existing jewelry and watches. If you have that special someone who has a piece of jewelry or a watch in need of repair or routine maintenance, then send it on over to My Jewelry Repair.

You could even be real sly about it and send your repair in without your significant other knowing. It’ll be a nice surprise. We have an easy online, mail-in process. Select your repair, print your packing materials, and send your repair to either our East coast or West Coast locations.

My Jewelry Repair provides watch and jewelry repair nation wide, eliminating the hassle and limitations of going through a local shop.