Before & After #86

Before & After Series
Before & After #86 Marc Jacobs Timepiece Repaired by Certified Watchmakers

A Simple Marc Jacobs Watch Repair

On this edition of the Before & After series, we have a stainless steel Marc Jacobs watch that required a battery replacement and clean and polish.

While not one of our more laborious repairs, a simple clean and polish with a battery replacement can bring some freshness to your favorite watch, especially done by our Certified Watchmakers at our Watch Repair Service Center.

Our battery replacement services goes beyond what your local shop probably does, as we include a pressurization test. Here at My Jewelry Repair, we have the knowledge, the ability and the tools to properly open your watch, and diagnostic machines to let us know if there’s anything your with your timepiece.

There are always different watch maintenance needs to keep your timepiece in great condition. This will allow your timepiece to last many generations! To learn more, feel free to look into our “Full Guide to Proper Watch Care & Maintenance.”

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Before #86 Marc Jacobs Timepiece Prior to Premier Watch Repair Services


After #86 Marc Jacobs Timepiece Repaired with Battery Replacement and Clean and Polish

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Before & After #86