Gemstone Anniversary Gift Ideas for the 12 Significant Milestones

Gemstone Anniversary Gift Ideas

The summer and fall months are the most popular months for weddings, so this also makes them big anniversary months, and if you are not sure what to get and need a little help with gift ideas for your significant other there are many gift lists that suggest the perfect gift for each year of marriage.

The most traditional gift for the first year of marriage is paper, and there are some very creative ideas related to a paper gift, but there are also lists of gemstones gifts. So, if you are a gemstone lover, this is the gift list for you to share with your spouse, dropping a hint never hurts.

The first anniversary suggests gold with the significance being wealth and prosperity, and what better than a diamond anniversary band for you tenth year of marriage.

There is a gemstone for every year of marriage, and listed below are the gemstones for the 12 most significant milestone anniversaries:

• First year gold
• 5 years Sapphire
• 10 years Diamond
• 15 years Ruby
• 20 years Emerald
• 25 years Silver Jubilee
• 30 years Pearl
• 35 years Emerald
• 40 years Ruby
• 45 years Sapphire
• 50 years Golden Jubilee
• 60 years Diamond Jubilee

In some cases, a sentimental gift may be to restore an older piece of jewelry or a watch, and if that is the case is the right place to go. We can refurbish your piece and make look it just like it did the first time you presented it to that someone special.