Before & After #107

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Before & After #107 of Gold Wedding Band Getting Premier Restoration Services After Dropped Iin Garbage Disposal

A Complete Gold Band Restoration

On this edition of the Before & After Series, we have a gold wedding band that accidentally went down the garbage disposal, and required a lot of work to get it back to shape.

The owner of this ring probably thought that was the end of this ring, and a lot of jewelers that don’t have the experience probably thought similarly as well. However, when we see repairs like this, we love the challenge!

Our premier repair facility is equipped with all the tools, skills, and certifications necessary to handle these repairs that require expert level of technique.

For this repair, we had to:

Before #107 Gold Wedding Band Dropped in Garbage Disposal
After #107 Restored Gold Wedding Band Through Premier Restoration Services
  • Reshape the ring
  • Carefully remove each dent
  • Perform a professional clean & polish to have it shining like new

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw the aftermath! We were certain that the owner of the ring felt the same, and we were ecstatic to send this finished repair back to them. It was quite an incredible transformation, and we’re proud to credit our team of skilled jewelers here at My Jewelry Repair.

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Before #107 Gold Wedding Band Needing Extreme Restoration Services after Dropped in Garbage Disposal
Before #107 Top View of Gold Wedding Band Prior To Extreme Restoration


After #107 Gold Wedding Band After Restoration Services by Master Jewelers
After #107 Gold Wedding Band Restored After Extreme Repair Services

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Thank you for taking the time to visit the latest addition to our Before and After Series! Don’t worry, we will be showcasing many more of our major transformations very soon.

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Before & After #107