3 Jewelry Trends to Try Out This Summer

Who among us is still putting on jewelry even though the cat or dog or quarantine community may be the only eyes to appreciate it? Or maybe you’re donning your jewelry for you — because you matter too. And how you feel — better, more beautiful or handsome — lifts your spirits during such a time as this. In fact, how you feel matters a lot. So here’s to keeping our spirits up during the summer’s pandemic by staying apprised of and wearing the summer jewelry trends that are trending. (Even if it’s just around the house.)

Trend 1: Three-Dimensional Orbs

Ball chain necklaces or spherical orbs dangling from your earlobes like small, luxurious planets are in. There is something comforting, even inspiring, about evoking the spherical image of the planets. Coverage from the catwalks of Paris, Milan and New York explain the inspiration behind this jewelry trend:

Right now, this jewelry can serve as a great reminder that there are planets beyond Earth out there — that perhaps we human beings are not the center of the known universe. What a comforting thought! If any jewelry style can give perspective this summer, it’s the three-dimensional orb dangling gracefully down our backs, from our wrists or glinting off the center of our chests in 14-karat gold like a ray of light.

Trend 2: Sophisticated Chokers

Apparently, the jewelry world just can’t get away from the choker. It has us — you might say — in our grip. This season, according to “Spring/Summer 2020 Jewelry Trends To Wear Now,” this summer’s trendy choker takes a departure from the delicate, dainty chokers of the past. This choker says: Go big and bold or go home. This choker is not for the faint of heart. Chokers like this demand of the wearer: Know who you are. Dare to be noticed. So, given the times we are in, you might consider wearing this choker around the house, or during your Zoom meetings, and take note of the reactions of your dog or cat before venturing out into great, golden choker boldness beyond the house.

Trend 3: One Statement Earring

In case you haven’t noticed, one bold, statement earring is hot right now. It doesn’t mean that you can’t wear a second earring (in the other ear), but this trend does mean that the one earring should make a statement. It stands up and says, “Notice me.”
High-profile celebrity men are fueling this trend too. From rapper cowboy Lil Nas X to NFL receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to K-pop star Kang Daniel, this trend is making its way across America. According to The New York Times, this high-fashion jewelry trend has even made its way to “mainstream retailers like Urban Outfitters, which offers single earrings for men shaped like keys or safety pins.” Additionally:

Fashion forecasting reporters at WSGN explain, in part, why this jewelry trend — “the one” (earring) — may be catching on for men:

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