Take a Trip Down Memory Lane (and Don’t Forget Those Earrings)

If COVID-19 has affected your travel plans and you’re embracing the staycation mentioned in our last post, the fun doesn’t need to stop at what is new and locally available. Right now is a great time to take a different sort of trip—one down memory lane! While you don’t need to stop planning for your next exciting vacation, why not consider reliving your favorite travel memories with what’s right in front of you?

Cherished objects, like jewelry purchased on a special vacation, can serve as cues to reconstruct positive memories. A wide-brimmed floppy hat or a fancy piece of jewelry can reconnect you with the happy memories of the trip. Not only that, but a sentimental object can reinforce a sense of the connection with those who were with you at the time. There is a significant positive association between memorabilia and mood, and those who don’t have any cherished objects show a strong tendency toward lower mood in general. So, if you are up for boosting your mood, here are four suggestions to revive those special memories.

1. Take a Photo Journey

Flip through photos, make a scrapbook if you haven’t already or a digital slideshow if tech is more your thing. Start a travel blog to document previous travels and to have a place to record your staycation adventures and your future travels. Let your inner photographer loose and take some Instagram-worthy photos of the objects that remind you of your travels.

2. Cook to Recreate Memories

Objects aren’t the only items that jog memory. Our five senses come into play. Why not take advantage of that and recreate a favorite memory from a trip? With so many recipes and tutorials online, it isn’t difficult to learn how to make ropa vieja, bimbimbap, tikka masala or even the more complicated baklava. Light some candles, put some music characteristic of the locale, wear the same clothes and jewelry that you wore when you first tried the dish and see how your handiwork compares to your memories. If cooking isn’t your thing, order in. Choose a dish that reminds you of one savored while away!

3. Revive a Special Object

Taking some time to creatively rethink memorabilia can help not only with reliving memories; it can result in something new that you love even more. The best memories from scrapbooks might find new life in a shadow box on your wall. Or, a pair of earrings from years ago that don’t reflect your current tastes might be redesigned. That broken watch you loved so much – why not get it repaired so you can enjoy it today?

4. Zoom to Share Memories

Just because you can’t travel doesn’t mean you can’t share your trip down memory lane with some friends. Organize a Zoom call with some travel companions to reminisce about that trip you took together. Make a slide show of your adventures to share with them. Organize a virtual traveler’s scavenger hunt with friends like the one found at Lonely Planet. Use your happy memories to brighten someone else’s day. Did you know there are apps such as TouchNote and Postagram that allow you to turn your photos into physical postcards to send to friends and family? Just because you can’t see people doesn’t mean you can’t let them know you are thinking of them. Who knows, you might inspire them to take their own trip down memory lane.

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