The Gift of Time: 4 Things for Fathers to Consider When Choosing an Heirloom Piece for Their Sons

In an increasingly disposable and disconnected world, how can a father choose a gift that will last? Watches are a timeless and fitting gift. A watch is worn daily, a frequent reminder of both the father who gave the gift and the legacy of time spent with him. A well-chosen watch can become an heirloom piece to pass down through the generations.

For a watch to be truly timeless, it must meet certain requirements. Here are four considerations that fathers can keep in mind when looking for a watch. This will guarantee that their gift is truly an investment in family and in the future.

1. Quality

It goes without saying that for an object to truly become an heirloom, it has to have the quality to back up the sentiment. No one wants to pass along an object that is cracked, broken or cheap. Consider the purchase of an heirloom watch as an investment, not a splurge. This may involve a mental shift, but it is an important one. An investment signifies intentionality and longevity. Consider that if you, your son and your grandson all wear the same watch, not only does the sentimental value compound, but the investment is spread out over many years.

To achieve the quality needed for a watch to truly be an heirloom piece, consider a handcrafted, well-made watch designed to last (brand names such as Rolex, Breitling, Omega and Tag Heuer, to name a few). Treat the watch the way you would any other important investment — with care, filing paperwork properly and choosing a trustworthy and reputable place to maintain it, such as My Jewelry Repair.

2. Style

There are many components to consider when choosing a watch as an heirloom piece. Is the intention that it be worn daily or only on special occasions? Special-occasion watches favor a slimmer silhouette and may display more formal finishes over practical features. The type of material is also an important choice — and not just aesthetically! If men in your family are prone to sensitive skin, titanium is hypoallergenic and a good choice. Gold is a traditional, timeless choice. Recently, ceramic watches are increasing in popularity due to their scratch-proof nature. Since an heirloom piece is intended to reflect the giver, don’t be afraid to choose a watch that reflects your personality, even if in a subtle way.

3. Functions and Features

An heirloom watch should be both beautiful and functional, reflecting the lifestyle of the wearer. While many watches are water resistant, if you or your son is a professional diver, it is essential to choose a watch specifically designed for that purpose. Give some thought to the features you would like your watch to have. Some watches have multiple time zones on display, some have visible mechanisms and others have perpetual calendars. Many luxury watches are mechanical in nature, offering a smooth, silent and reliable way of measuring time. This requires an intricate mechanism, but they can last for decades or more.

4. The Big Moment

Special attention to the watch is, of course, critical, but the big moment of giving the watch should also be memorable. Don’t forget to plan for this! Some families give watches to mark a special occasion — a graduation from college, the birth of the first child, a wedding. Since you are potentially kicking off a new tradition that will last for generations, put some thought into making the moment special. Consider including some engraving on the watch as well as speaking some choice words in order to make both the watch and the occasion truly memorable.

If you have a watch that needs maintenance or repair, don’t hesitate. Contact My Jewelry Repair today.