Commemorating Big Life Events with Jewelry and Watches

Whether it’s a big, shiny graduation ring at the end of a decorated high school experience, a wedding band, an elegant watch given as a token of appreciation at the end of a career (hopefully along with a nice severance package, of course), or even a friendship bracelet celebrating a lifelong companion, jewelry and timepieces are often used to commemorate these events.

Milestones act as markers in our lives, and if we’re putting ourselves out there, life is going to bring milestones in our 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond.

Below, My Jewelry Repair discusses some of these milestones and the jewelry and watches associated with such times.

Engagement Rings & Wedding Rings

Of course, the engagement ring is the commemoration of an engagement while a wedding ring represents the solidification of the bond in question. Whether your ring is a ring of promise, engagement, a wedding ring, or even a piece of anniversary jewelry, it’s in good hands at either of our supremely secure facilities on both the East and West coasts of the United States. It’s remarkably easy with our easy online, mail-in process.

First Dive Outing

Divers might consider a first dive a milestone event, not to mention a 500th dive. Getting a fancy dive watch might be a good idea for a first-time scuba diver looking for a trusty timepiece with varying extras. My Jewelry Repair works with a variety of watch types.

Friendship Bracelets

You can celebrate or commemorate a friendship with a number of friendship bracelet options, not to mention necklaces, charms, rings, pendants, etc. Set yourself apart as a friend by investing time, thought, and energy into your friendships. If you decide to purchase a piece of jewelry to commemorate a special friendship, it will need routine maintenance over time, not to mention repair if it ever becomes damaged. My Jewelry Repair can help!


Whether it’s a child graduating elementary or middle school, a high school graduate, or a student who has earned an advanced degree, jewelry and watches are often given as gifts to commemorate graduations of just about any sort — with the exception of graduation from the “Terrible Twos.”

If you’re thinking graduation ring, you’re not alone. However, rings are NOTORIOUS for needed routine maintenance, upkeep, as well as repair here and there. Rings are one of the more popular items we repair due to the fact that we all wear them on our hands. We do a lot of stuff with those things, turns out.


Jewelry and even watches are often given as gifts during anniversaries. One outside-the-box idea for an anniversary gift is to repair something that your special someone for all these years already loves. Find that broken watch or piece of jewelry and send it in to My Jewelry Repair pronto, then watch your spouse/partner’s face light up with joy when we send it back good as new.

Contact My Jewelry Repair today to learn more about our easy, breezy, contactless process. We’re now performing 500,000 repairs annually.