Before & After #118

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Before & After #118 Sapphire Ring Needing Professional Invisible Setting Services for Mystery Set Sapphire

Using The Most Intricate Techniques

On this edition of the Before & After, we have an invisible set Sapphire ring! It has a missing blue Sapphire, which is also one of the four precious gemstones. Did you know that Sapphires could be many colors of the rainbow? Thankfully, this one was the popular blue! With our Professional Gemstone Sourcing Team and Master Jewelers skilled in the unique and intricate invisible setting, this was an easy fix.

For this repair, we had to:

  • Source and replace a new Sapphire
  • Have our Master Jewelers skillfully cut a new groove to the stone to match the unique setting
  • Invisibly set the new gemstone
  • Perform a thorough rhodium clean & polish

There were also other pre-existing conditions to the ring. The other stones had natural inclusions and fractures, and the ring itself had normal signs of wear and tear. With My Jewelry Repair, every service can be applied with the click of a button!

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Before #118 Close Up of Sappire Invisible Set Mystery Setting Prior to Repair
Before #118 of Gold Ring Prior to Gemstone Setting Services by Master Jewelers


After #118 Complete Restoration of Sapphire Invisible Setting on Gold Ring
After #118 Close Up of Sapphire Invisible Setting

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Before & After #118