How to Clean & Polish Your Bracelet

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Cleaning & Caring For Your Bracelet

Jewelry was meant to shine — and everyday use stands in the way of letting your bracelet be what it was truly meant to be.

Our jewelry has sentimental value in addition to monetary value, how do you plan to protect your memories and your investment?

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A Guide to Cleaning & Polishing Your Bracelets

Sure, there are household staples you can utilize to clean and polish your jewelry at home.

You can submerge your bracelet in an antibacterial, non-abrasive cleaning agent that won’t damage your bracelet. Submerge your jewelry and try to let it sit for something like five minutes. Use a fresh toothbrush to clean the bracelet after you pull it out of the cleaning agent. Rinse with clean, warm water and let your bracelet sit on a paper towel until it dries.

Why Should You Clean Your Bracelet

Cleaning your bracelet is a way to protect and maintain the overall integrity of your jewelry. Cleaning and maintaining your bracelet will add to the longevity of the piece. It’s important to clean your jewelry often because dirt and other environmental debris can often cover up irregularities that need your attention. It’s far easier to recognize a repair needed when the piece of jewelry is properly cleaned.

How Often Should You Clean Your Bracelet

The experts recommend that you get your jewelry professionally cleaned and polished once every six months. This will depend heavily on the frequency of use as well as the circumstances. For instance, if you have a tennis bracelet that you only wear once in a while to fancy events, you will not need to clean this item as much as an everyday item.

How You Should Store And Care For Your Bracelets

Having a safe and protected place to keep your jewelry is best. A closet shelf might do the trick, but it’s better to have a jewelry box of some sort that will help your jewelry stay away from dust and environmental debris.

However, letting your silver sit in your jewelry box will let it tarnish — the better alternative is to store it in an anti-tarnish bag. As it is advised to not wear your jewelry while doing activities such as housework or jumping into a pool, keep your jewelry stored correctly and get it checked and cleaned professional often.

How to Clean Your Bracelet At Home

At home, clean and polish remedies include dish soap, lemon juice, ammonium, club soda, and even Alka-Seltzer. Precious metals can generally stand up to these products and chemicals, but you should always double-check and do your research to avoid costly trouble. When you submerge your bracelet in club soda, beer, or even a glass of denture tablets dissolved in purified water, you will notice a visible difference in your jewelry’s cleanliness and shininess.

Avoid using baking soda to get rid of dirt and tarnish because it is abrasive and can leave tiny scratches on your bracelet.

One drawback to cleaning jewelry at home is that each precious metal requires a different process for proper cleaning. Gold, silver, pearl bracelets, gemstone bracelets — they all require a different level of care.

It’s okay if you don’t have the materials or the expertise to get the job done. Last time we checked, you’re busy with life. My Jewelry Repair is here to take care of the arduous process of protecting your investments.

A Summary to Bracelet Cleaning & Polishing

Whether it’s something cherished and only worn every so often, or a bracelet that endures everyday use, My Jewelry Repair is here to help unlock the inner beauty of your jewelry.

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Our Clean & Polish Bracelet Services

Our simple and easy process makes getting your bracelets cleaned a total breeze. All you have to do is start our online process, we provide you with shipping materials, and you can mail your bracelet to us without ever leaving your home. We conduct our estimate, you choose your level of repair, and we get the job done — your bracelet comes back to you at showroom quality. Let’s get started today! We’re here to help restore and preserve those precious memories. GET STARTED

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At My Jewelry Repair, we treat your showcase pieces and the jewelry you wear every day as if it were our own.

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