Before & After #122

Image showing the Before & After #122 of a Seiko Watch Crystal Replacement

A Seiko Crystal and Quartz Movement Servicing

On this edition of the Before & After series, we have a Seiko timepiece in desperate need of a premier crystal replacement service. With these types of crystal replacement services, the integrity of the watch movement is most likely to be compromised due to small glass crystals falling into the movement itself, and therefore would need movement servicing as well.

Image showing the Before #122 of a Seiko Watch Needing a Crystal Replacement

For this repair we had to:

With these watch brands, it is important to maintain the highest quality of work by only utilizing parts supplied by our manufacturer partners or trusted third party suppliers. With the services of our Professional Parts Sourcing Team and Certified Watchmakers, My Jewelry Repair combines the best of every element to provide any of the premier watch services that your timepiece needs. Check out our Watch Repair Service Center to see where your special piece is being sent to!

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Image showing the Before #122 of a Seiko Watch Needing a Crystal Replacement


Image showing the After #122 of a Seiko Watch That Needed a Crystal Replacement

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Before & After #122