Before & After #124

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Before & After #124 of a Vintage 1947 Mechanical Movement Bulova Watch Restoration

1947 Mechanical Bulova Watch Restoration

On this edition of the Before & After Series, we break down one of the more challenging services we’ve encountered recently, a vintage watch restoration. In this case, a 1947 Bulova Timepiece that had a missing band, scratches on the case and crystal, and debris on the dial.

For this repair we had to:

  • Source out spare parts of this vintage mechanical movement, which was not guaranteed
  • Perform a Clean & Overhaul of the internal mechanism, which includes cleaning, oiling, adjustment, and replacement
  • Provide a Watch Crystal Replacement
  • Finish with a complimentary Band and Case Cleaning
Before #124 of Timepiece Prior to Services by Certified Watchmakers at My Jewelry Repair

Although the customer noted that they had the watch cleaned and reconditioned just a year ago, this repair process needed a complete movement overhaul. When a crystal gets shattered, tiny glass particles from a cracked watch crystal may fall into the many moving parts and gears within the watch movement, which is vital to the entire mechanism itself in order to keep time and work properly.

Of course, this was no major issue for our Master Craftsmen and Certified Watchmakers here at My Jewelry Repair. After the repair, this Manual Winding Watch was working as good as new!

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Before #124 of a Watch Prior to Getting Premier Watch Repair Restoration Services


After #124 of a Vintage Bulova Timepiece Serviced by Watchmakers in Watch Repair Service Center

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Before & After #124