Before & After #155

The Repair Before & After Spotlight Series

My Jewelry Repair aims to provide our customers with the highest caliber of jewelry and watch repair all from the comfort of their home. The Before & After Series spotlights some of the best work our Master Craftsmen have done! 

Brilliance Restored of an Emerald Gemstone Ring

The holidays are the perfect time to go through a loved one’s jewelry collection and revive the pristine shine that their pieces may have had. We had this customer recently send in their 14kt ring to replace its missing emerald, noting that it had once belonged to their grandmother, and our Master Jewelers restored it back to its original brilliance.

For this emerald ring restoration, we had to:

  • Perform a free professional evaluation after noting what the customer requested for the repair
    • Note that although we are an online jewelry and watch repair company, we can only provide evaluations when our skilled craftsmen can physically assess them in person at our secure facility
  • Source out the correct size, cut, color, and caliber of the owner’s preference for the new replacement emerald
  • Set the new gemstone in its setting, making sure it was secure
  • Finish off with a clean and polish to make sure the work of our Master Jewelers was undetectable

And voila! This beautiful heirloom emerald ring was back to its pristine condition thanks to the traceless work of our skilled Master Jewelers.

Our jewelers here at My Jewelry Repair are equipped with all the skills, experience, tools, and certifications needed to complete any type of jewelry repair, such as this gemstone replacement. After utilizing everything required for this repair, we were more than happy to send back this refurbished gemstone ring back to its owner!

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If you happen to need the same repair, feel free to send over your heirloom jewelry so we can get it back to its original brilliance.

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Before & After #155