The New “Watch Repair Near Me”

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The NEw “Watch Repair Near Me

Gone are the days of tirelessly searching for “watch repair near me.” With My Jewelry Repair, you can effortlessly mail in your cherished timepieces for expert online repair services. Let’s dive into how this convenient and reliable option is revolutionizing the way we care for our watches.

Contactless, Mail-In Watch Watch Repair Services

In today’s contactless world, from pizza delivery to watch and jewelry repair, businesses are adapting to new consumer needs. Wondering where to find hassle-free, contactless watch repair services? My Jewelry Repair offers a convenient, mail-in solution for watch repair and maintenance. Established in 2016, we’ve been providing expert services right from your home, long before global health concerns made it a necessity. Our goal is to ensure your timepieces and jewelry endure through time, offering reliable repair services in an ever-changing world. Trust us to maintain the elegance and functionality of your valuables, shining through the ages.

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Simplify Your Search for Watch Repair with Our Instant, Online Service – Start Today!

Tired of endlessly searching for “watch repair shops near me”? Experience the ease of our user-friendly website where you can initiate your watch repair or maintenance instantly. If mailing in your watch makes you hesitant, just know that many of your local watch repair shops send your watches to us for our expertise when they run into challenges. Watches are complex masterpieces, balancing intricate mechanisms to maintain precision over time. Whether you own a rugged watch designed for extreme conditions or an elegant timepiece for special occasions, each requires specialized care. Let us handle the intricacies of your watch’s needs, ensuring its flawless performance for years to come.

Protect Your Timepieces: Essential Tips for Every Watch Collector

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As a seasoned watch collector, accidents like dropping a watch are common but can cause significant damage, including to the glass or movement. It’s also crucial to avoid winding or setting the time while the watch is on your wrist to prevent damaging the crown or over-winding. For watches with screw-down crowns, proper handling is key to prevent jamming and water damage.

Avoid starting a chronograph underwater to prevent water ingress; instead, use a unidirectional bezel for underwater timing. Additionally, be aware of magnetic fields, which can affect the watch escapement crucial for keeping accurate time. Avoid placing your watch near electronic devices like radios, speakers, and cellphones. Modern watches often come with enhanced anti-magnetic features, indicated by their Gauss rating, and increasingly incorporate non-magnetic materials in their movements for added protection.

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Trusted by Top Retailers Nationwide

My Jewelry Repair sets the standard in secure, online jewelry and watch repair services. Tailor your experience with selectable insurance levels, detailed tracking, and continuous communication throughout the repair process. Our skilled team of master jewelers and certified watchmakers ensures unparalleled service quality. 

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“Searched All Over Russia/Ukraine for the Parts Needed”

This particular work order took over a year to fully complete, with the watch being sent back three times for all the work to be done properly. I do understand that this was harder project given that it’s a vintage Russian movement, but I can’t tell you enough how much

They did a beautiful job on the exterior cleaning and polish

Sent my automatic watch to these folks for repair as it was no longer keeping accurate time, they assessed the watch for needed repairs and sent me the estimate which I approved. About three weeks later I received a email stating that my watch had shipped, they provide a tracking

Gordon M.

I feel like I have found a treasure

THANK YOU for restoring my Montana Silversmiths Earrings back to their original condition! You did an awesome job, and, they are as beautiful now as when I purchased them over 25 years ago! I called Montana Silversmiths and spoke with Sheila Green in Customer Service, and gave her your contact

Jennifer Greene

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We Restore Memories

Dedicated to restoring memories, we are the trusted repair partner for national department store chains, leading jewelry retailers, and renowned watch manufacturers. Serving over 3000 retail locations, My Jewelry Repair handles over half a million repairs annually, prioritizing customer satisfaction. Discover why we are the go-to repair service for countless customers nationwide. Get in touch to begin your repair journey today!

Last updated 02/08/2024

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