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Our Certified Specialists hold the passion and skill in order to size your ring to the perfect fit. Our ordering process is so easy as if it were magic! With a free evaluation and your chosen service, we perform the repair and send it right back to you. Memory restored!

Multiple Insurance Options and Free Evaluations

We offer free standard shipping* and many additional options of insurance plans to keep your precious package safe!
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Creating the Perfect Fit

In-House Master Jewelers

Our in-house, hand-selected team of Master Jewelers and ring repair specialists have over 20 years of experience bringing rings back to their former glory and providing the highest caliber of ring repair possible. Our team can promptly diagnose and size your ring so you can wear it comfortably (and safely) again. They view each unique ring as holding the memories and experiences of our customers and take the responsibility of resizing their prized possession very seriously. You can trust that your ring, regardless of the size, will be in the right hands for the job.

Top-Of-The-Line Equipment

We use cutting edge tooling, equipment, and refined processes, making sure to use the appropriate method depending on the situation. Our skilled Certified Craftsmen can size most rings without leaving a trace behind of their work. Any potential inconsistency will be discussed prior to performing the repair. We practice and see the value in complete transparency with our customers at My Jewelry Repair.

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Ring Resizing Services

Ring Resizing Services
Ring Size Down
Ring Size Up
Ring Guard
Half Shank
Full Shank
Arthritic Shank
Ring Resizing Spring Shank
Ring Sizing Beads (Stabilizing Beads)
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What Happens To Rings During the Resizing Process

Ring Resizing is a practice many people need, but one they are often unsure of. It’s not unusual for ring sizes to change, and whatever the reason, ring sizing is a very common practice. Our Master Jewelers are capable of most ring resizes, depending on the design. Generally, every type of ring can be sized! This includes the most common types such as: Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands, Promise Rings, Eternity Rings, and many more!

The Ring Resizing Process In Detail

Ring Sizing is achieved by either adding or removing metal to obtain the desired size, and we avoid metal contamination by matching the new metal. If the design requires removing and then resetting stones, we are careful to prepare for that as well and communicate that to you.

After the metal is either added or removed, we restore the circular shape, solder it together, then professionally clean and polish the ring. Our Master Jewelers can size gold, sterling, silver, bronze, palladium, platinum, and brass rings. When the job is complete, there should be no indication or visible details that the ring has been resized.

Our Jewelers are also capable of resizing rings around different ring designs and the engraving area so the message on it does not get lost. Our approach accommodates multiple designs and we follow a meticulous process in doing so. Our Team will work with you to figure out the best solutions!

To learn more about the Ring Resizing process and everything in between, you can read our “Ultimate Ring Resizing Guide.”

How To Get The Perfect Fit

Although there are many questions to ask when determining the size needed in order to get the perfect fit for your precious ring, it is always best to have your finger measured by a Jeweler; they have the right tools to not only measure your finger, but to also measure the current size of your new ring to determine how many sizes up or down the ring needs to be sized. And of course, we understand that you only want your ring to fit as perfect as the moment was when you received your treasure. To learn more about what you need to know about ring sizing, read our blog about “Ring Sizing Guides and Tools.” So don’t worry! There are many options to sizing your ring.

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Common Ring Resizing Questions:

How Much Does It Cost To Size A Ring?

How Much Does It Cost To Size My Ring Down?

Sizing a ring down is pretty straightforward and will cost $39.99 for up to three sizes. Sizing a ring down more than three sizes is highly unusual so may require special work. If this is the case our team will reach out to you when we receive your ring on the best way to do the sizing for your ring.

How Much Does It Cost To Size My Ring Up?

Sizing a ring up can be very tricky depending on a couple of factors. See below for a complete breakdown

Ring Resizing

Pricing chart for costs associated with ring sizing services.
ServiceStarting Price
Ring Size Down (Up to 3 sizes)$44
Ring Size Up (Up to 3 sizes)$49
Ring Sizing Beads$69
Ring Sizing Spring Shank$69
Half Shank$139
Full Shank$199
Arthritic ShankEstimate
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What Kind Of Metals Can Be Sized?
MJR’s Master Jewelers can size Gold, Sterling Silver, Bronze, Brass, Palladium and Platinum. Sterling Silver and Platinum is a metal that not all jewelers can work on, however, ours can.

Are There Metals That Can't Be Sized For a Ring?

Due to the nature of some alternative metals, certain metals can not be sized: Titanium, Tungsten, Cobalt, Ceramic Carbide and Stainless Steel. Oftentime, stores where a ring of this metal is purchased is aware of this and are ready to exchange these types of rings with the correct size.

I've Heard People Say Jewelers Will Stretch a Ring in Order to Not Use Gold. Will that happen?

No, MyJewelryRepair.com would never risk our reputation on doing low quality work. We add the proper amount of metal needed for every ring sizing. Even if your ring is only going a ¼ size up, we will be adding metal to the ring to ensure that it comes back to you the same width and thickness as when you sent it to us!

Unsure what metal your ring is made of? Send us a message at info@myjewelryrepair.com, we are happy to help!
How Does Ring Sizing By Mail Work?

You Never Have to Leave Your Home!

Print your shipping label and order slip. Choose your insurance, pack your repair(s). My Jewelry Repair provides step-by-step instructions for safe packaging and travel. All you have to do from there is schedule USPS courier pickup if you don’t want to leave your home, or drop-off (with your nearest USPS location). Tracking included for safe arrival and transparency.

You’ll never have to navigate a baffling mall layout again, looking for a 'quick' repair that takes forever. All you have to do is put the ring in the mail and we’ll have it back with a quick turnaround looking like new!

How it Works
Does My Ring Size Change?
Finger sizes have been known to fluctuate with changes in seasons, how our bodies react to daily exercise, and other largely uncontrollable variables. Even the slightest change can render a ring unwearable. That’s where we come in, providing the highest quality of ring sizing services in the country!
Where Can I Find Ring Sizing Near Me?

With My Jewelry Repair... Anywhere!

When you find yourself asking where to go, you'll be glad to know we can provide services from anywhere in the country! We have locations on both coasts and offer free standard shipping - even from Alaska and Hawaii.

Ring Sizing is Routine, To Master Jewelers

Ring sizing may seem like a routine procedure, but if the process is done wrong it can put undue stress on stones or settings. Be sure that you have a qualified jeweler that won't manipulate the ring’s materials beyond their threshold of tolerance.

Our experienced Jewelers read the materials and check for metal fatigue or weakened areas of the ring. Likewise, we’ll assess stones and prongs, taking care to verify their ability to withstand pressure relevant to the ring resizing process.

Our Team is here to help you with your precious ring! To learn more about our Ring Resizing services near you, click here.

What Happens If My Ring Is Spinning On My Finger?
This is the perfect case for sizing beads. Typically sizing beads are added to a ring to help stop the ring from spinning around on your finger. Rings can tend to spin if the ring has a large stone or is top heavy.