Security & Protection

Keeping Your Items Safe

The safety and security of your items are our #1 priority.

For over 20 years we have serviced repairs for most of the nation’s leading jewelry stores, watch manufacturers, and jewelry department stores. We service over 5,000 locations and perform over 500,000 repairs annually.

Our secured facilities not only have state-of-the-art equipment for jewelry and watch repair, but they also have the latest security systems and the tightest safety protocols in the industry.

We even go to the lengths of having all our jewelers, watchmakers, and support team undergo a background check.

Our daily security measures are as follows:

  • Our facilities are not open to the general public as a means of ensuring the safety of all the items in our possession.
    • Due to this safety measure, you are unable to physically drop off your item in person in order for us to control the personnel that comes in contact with your treasured items.
  • All staff members must follow strict security procedures including a metal-free dress code, monitored in-and-out privileges supported by metal detectors, and armed guards.
  • All items are stored in our top-of-the-line vaults that require authorization to access.

Beyond these specific safety measures, we have standard operating procedures for all aspects of our processes that emphasize the protection and security of your items.

We pride ourselves on being the most trusted jewelry and watch repair company in the industry.

More Cameras Than a Casino

Your items are under our surveillance 24/7.

When we first receive your package, it is followed closely on camera from the shipping carriers’ truck until it is opened under HD cameras within our facility. Our facilities have more cameras than a casino, literally.

Next, we snap an HD photo of your item. Our photos are so detailed we can actually spot inclusions in a stone.

We then assign a unique barcode to your item that is scanned each time it moves within the facility. We know the location of your item at all times.

You can rest assured that your jewelry and watches are secure in our hands.

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