Before & After #130

Repair Before & After #130 of a Vintage Zenith Automatic Watch Restoration with Dial Refinishing and Premier Watch Repair Services

Before & After Series An Automatically Amazing Vintage Watch Restoration We recently received this square 1960’s Vintage Zenith Automatic Watch, which arrived disassembled in desperate need of a professional restoration. This very classic Zenith watch is also coined the so-called Kennedy watch, as John F. Kennedy allegedly owned a similar …

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The Curse of the Black Orlov Diamond – Truth or Folklore?

Black Orlov Diamond Necklace London Museum of Natural History NaturallyColored Feature Image

What is the Black Orlov Diamond? The Black Orlov Diamond is a 67.50-carat cushion cut black diamond, considered the 7th largest black diamond in the world. This one stone of many others with cursed names has a dark history and is shrouded in mystery. There are differing views as to …

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