Before & After #34

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Before & After #34 Ring with Large Invisible Setting Getting Diamond Gemstone Replacement by Master Jewelers

An Invisible Setting Stone Replacement

On this edition of the Before & After Series, we spotlight a white gold ring with a missing diamond in its invisible setting. As we have gone into depth before, work on an invisible setting can be very challenging and requires the attention of an experienced Master Jeweler.

For this repair, we had to:

  • Source a princess cut diamond
  • Straighten the shank
  • Groove the stone to match the setting
  • Carefully set the stone (must be tightened, not glued)
  • Finish with a rhodium clean and polish

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Before #34 Side View of Diamond Ring Needing Expert Setting Services for Invisible Setting


Before #34 Diamond Ring Prior to Getting Expert Invisible Setting Services


After #34 Diamond Ring Receiving Premier Invisible Setting Services by Master Jewelers

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Before & After #34