Celebrate your Anniversary AND your Ring!

MyJewelryRepair.com can make your ring look as new as it did on your wedding day!

Graphic showing rings that need an anniversary ring repair

With over 60 million married couples in the United States, there are 60 million anniversary celebrations each year. August, September, and October are peak months for weddings, therefore peak months for wedding anniversaries. Anniversaries remind us to celebrate the promise and commitment we made to each another on that special day, and most weddings include a symbolic exchange of rings.

Wedding rings and engagement rings are usually worn every day, so routine care and maintenance is needed to keep your rings looking their best. We suggest using your anniversary as a reminder to have your rings professionally cleaned, polished, and inspected each year.

Let us help you keep your rings as bright and shiny as your marriage.

Remember, not all jewelry requires repair, but all jewelry requires routine care and maintenance.