Emma Watson’s Plea to Locate ‘Most Special Possession’

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Actor Emma Watson graces the news from time to time, and in this instance it’s because she’s lost something precious to her — a ring gifted by her mother. Following a London spa visit, Watson launched an online plea to help locate the ring.

Watson explains that her mother, “bought it the day after [Watson] was born… wore it for 18 years, never taking it off… then gave it to [Watson] for [her] 18th birthday.”

Memories that Cannot be Bought or Replaced

The Harry Potter and Beauty of the Beast star views her lost ring as her “most meaningful and special possession.” The post has since gathered 72,000 reactions and counting, including lengthy comments of followers lamenting their own horror stories about lost possessions, particularly jewelry. Some individuals have happy stories of being reunited, others sad, cautionary tales.

Ness Johnson, a 42-year-old Australia native, shared her story of losing her ring in an art class after taking it off to paint. “Two months later,” Johnson reported visiting the same building. “I broke my ankle… was on crutches… used them when I went on a school trip,” and recalls having to take the stairs. “It took a long time to go up each stair outside, nearly at the top, looking carefully at each step so I wouldn’t trip, I found my ring on one of the steps!” Ness told sources that she plans on giving her ring to her own daughter, Lila, once she turns 16.

What a Story Like This Means to Us…

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