Before & After #70

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Before & After #70 Gold Wedding Ring Restores by Premier Ring Repair Services

A Broken Ring Repair

On this edition of the Before & After series, we have a gold wedding ring set that unfortunately became stuck on the clients finger and had to be cut off.

In order to repair the rings, we had to replace the damaged area of the rings by performing a half shank repair, size them, and solder them back together. The engraving on the inside of the shank was also damaged and needed to be re-engraved.

It is then all wrapped up with our signature clean and polish and it’s good to go!

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Before #70 Close up View of Cut Gold Wedding Ring


Before #70 Gold Wedding Ring Prior to Fine Jewelry Repair Services by My Jewelry Repair


After #70 Gold Wedding Ring Restored by Master Jewelers

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Before & After #70