Before & After #94

Before & After Series
Before & After #94 Tarnished Sterling Silver Snake Chain Restored by Premier Necklace Restoration Services

A Sterling Silver Chain Clean & Polish

On this edition of the Before & After series, we have a sterling silver snake chain that turned black and brown from being so badly tarnished.

For this necklace chain restoration, we had to provide this piece with our signature rhodium clean and polish and it was good to go!

Did you know that white gold jewelry doesn’t get its shiny white color from the gold itself? The color actually comes from a thin coat of rhodium plating! White gold needs to be rhodium plated to achieve the beautiful white finish that we see on any new piece of white gold jewelry.

To learn more about the rhodium process, feel free to read our blog, “What You Need To Know About White Gold & Rhodium.”

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Before #94 Tarnished Sterling Silver Snake Chain Prior to Premier Jewelry Repair Services


After #94 Sterling Silver Snake Chain Repaired by Master Jewelers and Experienced Restoration Services

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Before & After #94