6 Ideas For Your Fall Staycation

There’s nothing like globetrotting to create some wonder and discovery and to provide a much-needed break from routine. But just because there’s a pandemic doesn’t mean you have to settle for boring. Here are six staycation ideas for the fall to experience some relaxation and adventure, with both budget and luxury options to suit your lifestyle.

1. Learn Something New

Don’t let limitations on travel limit your discovery. Many libraries are now open, and the web is always on. Sign out a book on a place you’ve always wanted to visit; or check out Travel Man , where British comedian Richard Ayoade and a celebrity guest spend 48 hours in cities across the globe exploring their unique offerings. Listen to radio stations from around the world . You can even tour museums, including virtual tours of jewelry exhibits. Learning is always a luxury, but all of these options fit nicely in any budget.

2. Go Local

You’ve heard the phrase “Be a tourist in your own town”? Try researching your own area the way you would any tourist destination. Check out the “must-see” destinations that you don’t normally have time for. Search for the best ice cream shops, and explore local museums. Scour an antique store near you for treasures. Even on a limited budget, consider placing an ad on a local buy and sell website for broken jewelry items. People may be quick to part with otherwise valuable items that you can reimagine or send in to My Jewelry Repair.

3. Change Your Surroundings

Desperate for a change of scenery? Swap houses with a friend or borrow a tent — consider camping in your own backyard before the nights get too cold. You can even change sleeping arrangements right within your own house; have a family sleepover, or do a big bed swap! Spend a night on the couch under a cozy blanket. If you have the budget, find a luxurious Airbnb where you can spend a few nights away and leave work behind.

4. Recreate Novelty Through Rentals

From the simplicity of a different brew of coffee to luxuries like soaking in a hot tub, a highlight of traveling is the novelty. Creating novelty doesn’t require a long-term investment when you consider the benefits of renting. With a modest budget, rent an inflatable castle for the kids to jump on or a hot tub for a nice evening soak. Some musicians are even offering their talents for driveway performances. If your budget is more generous, indulge in vacation-type rentals — a sports car or a Rent the Runway gown to go with your favorite jewelry for a night out.

5. Moving Right Along

The benefits of physical exercise are well documented. Just as you might try out a dance class or walk extra on vacation, consider an active adventure. Budget options include a hike or bike ride. Many on-demand streaming exercise services have a free trial period. Luxury options might include hiring a personal trainer for a week. Consider new workout clothes to give you a boost and get you in the mood.

6. Create a Lux Spa

Spas are often a favorite indulgence while globetrotting and a great way to release stress. That spa feeling can be recreated wherever you happen to be. On a budget, a new set of towels or a freshly pressed robe paired with some candles and a face mask can be a quick pick-me-up. If money isn’t a concern, hire a massage therapist for an in-home spa day. If DIY is more your style, consider some fall-scented candles, a luxurious robe and a specialty serum.

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