Bringing Your Bling to the Gridiron

It’s no secret that many professional athletes decide to wear their jewelry when they compete competitively. We remember the image of Michael Jordan gliding around on the court with a gold chain around his neck, not to mention countless baseball players wearing diamond earrings. NFL players happen to be some of the most notorious when it comes to accessorizing during gameplay.

One recent example is when Cleveland Browns’ wide receiver Odell Beckham wore his expensive watch… during a professional football game.

The Bleacher Report’s Master Tesfatsion did that good ol’ fashioned due diligence and found out that Beckham was wearing a Richard Mille watch, an RM 11-03 McLaren, during a 2019 football game. This limited-edition piece has a price tag of $191,500 and only 500 were made.

More on the Watch

The Richard Mille now made famous by Beckham is orange — as are the accents that appear on the face of the piece.

Beckham really knows how to accessorize, too. Beckham had Dreamworks Motorsports in North Carolina customize his tricked-out Rolls-Royce Cullinan. The SUV is orange outside and inside, but the iconic Rolls-Royce hood sculpture has been replaced by a small figure of Beckham himself making his infamous 2014 one-handed “catch of the year.”

A New Pattern of Behavior

Beckham didn’t stop with the nearly $200,000 Mille watch, even after the NFL “addressed the issue” with the Cleveland Browns, believing that Beckham had been in violation of NFL rules due to the fact that a watch can be considered a hard object which can be used to strike or hurt another player.

The Cleveland Browns player doubled-down and was seen again wearing a watch during gameplay… this time he was wearing an RM 56-02, priced at… $1.95 million!

If you’re wondering why this watch is so expensive, you’re not alone. This expensive watch Beckham wore during a full contact sport was made from synthetic sapphire and titanium, materials that make the watch itself “immune to temperature variations and wear.”

Don’t Take Dumb Risks with Your Jewelry and Watches

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