A Celebration of The Cartier Object Auction

A Celebration of The Cartier Object Auction

It’s October and this month there is a special conference celebrating The Cartier Object!

What is The Cartier Object?

So, you might be wondering what exactly “The Cartier Object” is — and that’s why My Jewelry Repair is here; to provide you with pearls of knowledge. We’re good at fixing the broken watches and jewelry that get sent our way, but we also know a thing or two about our trade, and we always keep an eye out for the latest happenings.

Although Maison Cartier is synonymous with the crafting of elegant watches and jewelry, the jewelry and watch designer also used quite a bit of imagination creating more functional, decorative objects.

At the start of the 20th century there was a drive for manufacturing and a more industrial way of life, which might be among the primary reasons Cartier made a foray into objects in addition to watches and jewelry. Cartier, of course, would make these objects different and more elegant than their predecessors, made of fine and even precious materials with top-notch finishing and unrivaled creativity.

More on Cartier

Cartier International SNC (by most simply referred to as Cartier — /ˈkɑːrtieɪ/) is a French luxury brand which is most known for the design, manufacturing, distribution, and sales of fine jewellery and watches. Cartier was founded by Louis-François Cartier in Paris all the way back in 1847 and the company itself remained under the family’s control until 1964. Today, Cartier operates over 200 stores spanning across 125 countries. There are three Cartier Temples (Historical Maison) — one in London, one in New York, and one in Paris.

Where is the Auction?

Sotheby’s holds an online auction this month, October 15-22 at 3 PM CEST from Paris.

There are more than a few exciting items up for sale — including but not limited to vanity cases, cigarette cases, a fancy desk clock signed by the icon himself.

A fine selection of pieces are up for grabs here. Signed pieces by Harry Winston, Suzanne Belperron, Bulgari, Cartier, and Mauboussin, just to name a few.

Important stones being offered include a Kashmir sapphire, colour diamonds, colourless diamonds, not to mention Burmese rubies.

Elegant Items Up for Auction

One exciting item dates back to the 1920s, when cigarette cases were as popular as clutch purses. Cartier has a Jadeite, ruby, and diamond-set cigarette case. Jade is a delicate stone used in watchmaking, jewelry, and, for Cartier, in making everyday items like cigarette cases.

Coloured diamonds, as we mentioned above, are also up for sale. These colorations are caused by impurities or structural defects that occur within the stone’s chemical composition. For example, with a blue diamond, this occurs because of boron being trapped inside of the crystal’s structure itself. With yellow diamonds, this happens because of nitrogen impurities. Even though these impurities and defects sound like they’d cause the gemstone to be valued less, as colour saturation increases in each diamond, the value increases as well.

The colour grading scale goes a little something like this:

● Fancy Light

● Fancy Dark

● Fancy Intense

● Fancy Vivid

Fancy stuff, right? We’ll be keeping an eye on the proceedings of the Sothby’s event to be certain.

My Jewelry Repair is here to take care of your fanciest watches, jewelry, and, in some cases, we can even fix some of those elegant objects that incorporate precious metals and gemstones. If you have any questions about who we are and how our simple process makes it so you don’t even have to leave your house to get the repair or routine maintenance you need, contact us today and let’s get started!