Wedding Horror Stories

If you’ve already experienced your wedding, there’s a good chance that one or two small things didn’t exactly go according to plan. If you haven’t yet seen your wedding day, then it’s likely that you’ve perhaps pondered over a few catastrophes that could possibly occur on your special day. Maybe you’ve even obsessed over it a little too much.

Below, My Jewelry Repair goes over some wedding horror stories in honor of Halloween. We scoured the internet to look for some pretty amazing things that could possibly go wrong so maybe you can make sure none of these things happen to you.

Sure, no wedding can be exactly perfect, right? Especially in the eyes of that mother-in-law who may or may not be impossible to please.

Horror Story #1

Since we’re on the subject of mother-in-laws, we saw a story on the interwebs about a particularly ostentatious mother-in-law who wore a pith helmet and mosquito net to her own daughter’s wedding, refusing to take it off for pictures. We might be going out on a limb here, but that could be considered over-accessorizing. PRO TIP: Make sure that, as a bride, you never, ever get upstaged like this.

Horror Story #2

This one comes from one of our employees on our creative team. He went to his friend’s wedding and her father walked her down the aisle with long, disheveled hair and a beard, trying hard to pull off some strange version of the McConaughey look. Needless to say, several Geico Caveman Commercial jokes were made… but nobody at the wedding saved on car insurance.

Horror Story #3

This story falls on the ring bearer. A particularly precocious 5-year-old thought it would be a good idea to spin the pillow holding the ring, as a way to impress the nearby flower girl. However, the ring was not property tied to said pillow, and the ring itself flew off, never to be found.

Horror Story #4

Here’s a horror story about a bride from Hades. We read a story online about a bride who would not allow any of her friends or acquaintances to get married the same year as her. For those who challenged her, this bridezilla threw a nasty fit and created obstacles for anyone who trespassed upon her bridal year.

Whatever you’re going through or set to go through with your own wedding, hopefully you won’t have to go through anything remotely close to any of these horrifying wedding tales. Needless to say, make sure that ring gets tied on the pillow!

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