Winter Jewelry Trends

2020 might not seem like a year that was totally concerned with style and sheikness, however, there are still fashion trends going on, even if some folks might be adopting the Mad Max look by now.

If you’ve been on any Zoom calls in the past few months, you probably realized that there are still a lot of opportunities to show off exquisite jewelry and spectacular timepieces — you have great taste and people should still know that, after all.

For those of us who might be wondering what the trends are when it comes to jewelry, watches, and the winter season, My Jewelry Repair would like to provide a little insider information on the subject.

Chains of Proper Thickness

Think drop earrings and thick chains that will go perfectly with that cozy winter sweater this winter season are a great idea and have practical applications. You have to figure that whatever jewelry you’re wearing needs to effectively offset that bulky scarf you plan on breaking out. Thick chains help pull off this effect to perfection.

Go the Opposite Way

We know it might not seem obvious or even appropriate but opting for jewelry that features floral arrangements consisting of bright colors will help you shine through the winter months.

Pastel flower studs are perfect for adorning your ears when you’re not wearing a winter hat, and flower drop earrings will whisper of warm months to come. Trust us, pastel floral accessories will stand out much more than those Christmas tree earrings you have stored away in the attic.

Gold and Pearl: A Perfect One-Two Punch!

Pearls are always going to be classic, and when gold is added to the mix your look will become all the more luxurious. Pearl earrings are always an awesome stocking stuffer as well, and if you can find pearl earrings with gold accents, well, that’s some next level accessorizing, we’d have to admit.

Stars in the Sky

We’re seeing a lot of star accessories popping up on socially distant fashion runways. Starry night earrings with turquoise accents and star-shaped hoops are a must — even if you’re just sporting sweatpants.

What About Watches?

We’d never forget our watch fans out there, and there are certainly wintry watch styles that will help you get through the cold months fashion-forward.

Leather straps are always preferable to metal bracelets in the colder months. During the summer months you might sweat all over a leather strap, rendering it ruined. In such cases metal watch bands are always preferable. The wintertime is the perfect season to break out any of your leather watches and getting creative with colors is perfectly acceptable and even encouraged. Navy blue, forest green, earth tones, and grays are all nice additions to the collection.

If you have any questions about winter jewelry trends or would like to ensure that your winter jewelry and watch collection are ready to withstand the elements, contact My Jewelry Repair today to learn about our contactless online process. We have a long track record of restoring precious memories.