Building a Respectable Women’s Watch Collection

As a woman, maybe it’s not the first thing you think about: building a respectable watch collection. However, timepieces are still an amazing fashion statement to make — for both men and women. 

Once you get your first watch you might start getting an itch to get another, at which point My Jewelry Repair might like to give a few suggestions on how to build a boss lady watch collection from scratch. Reading these pointers before you take the exciting deep dive into watch collecting might save you a few headaches… and a few dollars as well! 

Ballin’ on a Budget

Since you’re in the market for a watch or possibly even multiple watches over a stretch of time, it’s a good idea to make each dollar count. Not many of us have an unlimited amount of funds for watch purchasing — and timepieces of quality can cost thousands of dollars… some much, much more. 

You don’t want to spend a ton of money on a watch that isn’t going to be an everyday driver, for instance. If you see a cheap watch online for a steal, it’s probably just that: a cheap watch. 

Go to different watch stores in your area and surrounding communities and look for deals. Often, watch stores can come down on their asking price — just like with automobiles. Go into the situation with cold, hard cash and you’ll be surprised how much savings you can take advantage of. 

A decent watch can cost anywhere from $100 and up. An elegant watch from a manufacturer/designer of note can cost multiple thousands of dollars. Know how much you can and are willing to spend ahead of time and do not cross that number. 


As time goes along, you’re going to want something like 4-6 timepieces in order to achieve that all-elusive respectable watch collection we’re talking about.  

It’s totally fine to have a smartwatch, but you should probably only have one. Analog watches still say a little something more style-wise than smart or digital. If you see a chronograph you must have at a fair price, pick it up!  

A good classic watch, as well as a more distinctly innovative watch, will fill out your collection as well.  

Opt for a watch that has a leather band as well as a watch with textured dials (we really like suede for a distinct look). On the other hand, a nice gold or metal watch never hurt anyone. Strap watches are also worth your consideration. 

Add Complexity to Your Collection

Your early watch selections might be simpler — three-hand watches that might also show the date. When you start to build your collection, you can start adding dual time zone watches, world timers, and GMTs. 

Prepare a Care and Maintenance Plan

One thing you’ll need to do is give your watches routine care and maintenance. When it comes down to it, when you take care of your timepieces, they’ll take care of you. We’re excited to help you keep your watch collection in tip-top shape… and looking fabulous, too. Contact My Jewelry Repair today to find out about our easy online, mail-in process that has the whole country getting a lot more done at home. 

For more information on our watch repair services, feel free to check out our Watch Repair page.