Before & After #125

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Image showing the Before & After #125 of a Broken Gold Ring Part of a Set Getting Restored Through Soldering and Stone Resetting

A Broken Symbol of Love, Restored

This type of repair isn’t something a person sees everyday, but it’s definitely a common repair for us. Every backstory to these repairs can be unique, but in the end, the conclusion is the same: My Jewelry Repair saves the day and restores the precious symbol of love!

Having your broken Symbols of Love Restored is one of the best ways to show your loved ones a different type of love.

This broken gold ring had a crack that stood no chance against our skillful jewelers. For this repair, we had to:

  • Solder and reshape the broken ring
  • Reapply the metal stamp
  • Provide a Clean & Polish with a Rhodium finish in the repair
  • Tighten four of the gemstones in their settings that were affected by the crack

These types of ring repairs require a stone resetting as they do get loose from issues like this one; if they are not tightened properly, they can fall out and the ring would need another repair calling for a gemstone resetting. This is just another day’s work for our Master Jewelers and Certified Craftsmen: having a broken Symbol of Love, Restored!

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My Jewelry Repair
Before & After #125