Before & After #126

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Amethyst Bracelet: Restored As New

Recently, we’ve come across a beautiful piece that was unfortunately broken. On the other hand, however, this purple amethyst rose-gold-plated sterling silver bracelet was fortunately sent over to our skillful craftsmen to restore with our premier bracelet repair services.

The clasp of this bracelet had a break located at the position that, in proper terms, is called the “female end cap.” Not only was the end broken off, but the main clasp was not working as well. For this repair, we had to:

  • Replace the main clasp with a properly working part
  • Rebuild the pin of the bracelet
  • Provide a special Rhodium coating service for this unique piece
  • Finish off with a complimentary Clean & Polish

This amethyst bracelet was in worn condition from everyday usage, so with our special clean & polishing services, the bracelet was restored as new in its pristine condition.

Our Master Jewelers make sure to check each jewelry piece prior to providing a service quote to have our customers’ items leaving our facilities as best as they can look. This bracelet sure left our facility back home to this happy owner!

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Before & After #126