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Repair Before & After #130 of a Vintage Zenith Automatic Watch Restoration with Dial Refinishing and Premier Watch Repair Services

An Automatically Amazing Vintage Watch Restoration

We recently received this square 1960’s Vintage Zenith Automatic Watch, which arrived disassembled in desperate need of a professional restoration. This very classic Zenith watch is also coined the so-called Kennedy watch, as John F. Kennedy allegedly owned a similar watch.

The owner of this respirator timepiece with a simple and balanced design requested to have a dial refinishing to complete the major restoration. With our authorized partner Kirk Rich Dial Co. literally right next door to our Watch Repair Service Center, we were able to fulfill this request with no issues.

Before #130 Vintage Zenith Automatic Watch Parts Separated Before Restoration

This vintage watch with a automatic mechanical movement required a clean and overhaul due of the internal mechanism due to a gear train issue, which included the mainspring, barrel, reversing wheel, and pallet. Our Certified Watchmakers have plenty of experience with vintage movements, so the cleaning, oiling, adjustment, and replacement of this particular case was a no-brainer.

For this repair, we had to:

  • Professionally source out spare parts for this specific old-aged movement
  • Perform a complete clean & overhaul of this vintage mechanical movement
  • Have our authorized partner Kirk Rich Dial Co. service a dial refinishing
  • Finish off with a complimentary Clean & Polish

For our watch enthusiasts out there, you can take note of the sun pattern on the dial (individual photos below). Restoring the dial with this pattern is a process that Kirk Rich Dial Co. has mastered as they have been the leading name in the dial refinishing trade since 1926. If you think about it, that’s older than when this particular Zenith watch itself was manufactured!

Receiving a vintage watch already makes the repair an automatically amazing timepiece restoration. We encourage watch collectors and enthusiasts to send in these types of timepieces so not only we can work on these movements, but we can revive the art of restoring memories together as well!

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Before #130 Vintage Zenith Automatic Watch Prior to Getting Serviced and Restored


After #130 of Vintage Zenith Automatic Watch Being Restored After Premier Watch Services by Certified Watchmakers

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Before & After #130