Before & After #159

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A Vintage Watch Dormant for Five Decades

The title says it all: we had a vintage Movado watch that had been dormant for five decades come into our repair center to be restored.

Vintage restorations always hold a dear place in our hearts as you all probably know that our motto is “We Restore Memories” and typically the older the piece, the more sentimental value it holds. However, this wasn’t just a vintage restoration, but in addition to restoring its memories, this was actually a rare type of repair.

What was so rare about this repair? Since this timepiece came in so heavily water damaged, the internal mechanism needed a replacement; its mechanical movement required to be converted to a quartz movement.

For this watch restoration, we had to:

  • Perform a free professional evaluation after noting what the customer requested for this timepiece restoration
    • Please note that, as an online jewelry and watch repair company, we can only provide evaluations when our skilled craftsmen physically assess the items in person at our secure facility
  • Disassemble the watch to send each appropriate part to get its required service
  • Have its dial receive professional dial refinishing services by our authorized partner Kirk Rich Dial
  • Perform a quartz conversion of its internal mechanism due to gear train issues (this includes cleaning, oiling, and adjustment and replacement of movement parts as needed)
  • Provide the piece with a professional clean & polish service for its bracelet and case before re-assembling
  • Monitor the watch for 72 hours with our Quality Assurance Team in order to ensure the timepiece was properly functioning before shipping it back out to its owner

Voilà! This beautiful vintage timepiece, dormant for five decades, has been restored to its pristine condition through premier cosmetic and functional restoration.

We ensure that our certified watchmakers at our Watch Repair Service Center possess the proper certifications before they work on your precious timepieces. Our team of experienced watchmakers holds numerous Watch Repair Certifications, including some of the major ones:

If you happen to need a vintage watch restoration or any type of watch servicing, feel free to send over your precious timepiece so we can get it back to its rightful place on your wrist.

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Before & After #159

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