Charm Bracelet Repair

Charm Bracelet Repairs Made Simple

Our easy-to-use ordering process makes it simple to place your order, so you can mail your charms to our certified specialists. We evaluate them for free, and you choose the repairs you want! We then simply perform the repair and send it right back to you.

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List of Charm Bracelet Repair Services

Our team includes gemologists certified by 

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We are proud members of the 

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If you require a different kind of repair or service for your charms, feel free to Contact Us.

For a cost breakdown, please visit our Pricing List.

We can repair all the different charm types

Traditional Charms, European Charms, Italian Charms, Link Charms, Snake Charms, Pandora, and more.

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How Much Does Charm Repair Cost?
Largely dependant on a variety of factors, here are a couple of the most common we see.
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How Does Charm Repair Online Work?

Print your shipping label and order slip. Choose your insurance, pack your repair(s). My Jewelry Repair provides step-by-step instructions for safe packaging and travel. All you have to do from there is schedule USPS courier pickup if you don’t want to leave your home, or drop-off (with your nearest USPS location). Tracking included for safe arrival and transparency.

Our experienced team evaluates every charm bracelet individually, delivering personalized care to every item we receive for repair. No hidden fees. If additional jewelry repair is needed, we let our customers know up front.

For more information, visit our How it Works page.

How Long Does Charm Repair Take?

Once we receive your ring, we can usually send you your estimate within 24 hours, but never more than 72 hours. Once approved, we finish work on the ring and have it reviewed by Quality Assurance within 3-5 business days.

The total time depends on your location and the shipping option you choose. We provide free standard shipping utilizing USPS Priority Mail, which is 2-3 days, but we offer faster options as well

For a full breakdown, visit Standard Repair Timelines.