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Ideal Morganites for Luxury Settings

Picking the perfect morganite comes down to cut, color, clarity, and price. You will likely choose morganite for its beautiful color that sits somewhere on the peach-pink side of the spectrum, which our Master Jewelers and Professional Stone Sourcing Team can provide!

Restore your brilliance with the perfect morganite today!


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Picking the Perfect Morganite

Professional Stone Sourcing ~ My Jewelry Repair leads our industry in stone sourcing, whether you need the increasingly popular oval-cut morganite, or a simple round- or emerald-cut of your choice. Our staff of specialists can deftly source any type of morganite needed in order to restore or get alterations on your treasured item. We know that your particular gemstone needs to be as unique as you are. We will give you the specific attention and provide custom-tailored service. Our Professional Stone Sourcing team makes sure that all of your morganite gems, even the ones that sometimes go unnoticed. We take the time to ensure that each stone is replaced by gems of the right caliber for your unique piece.

Thoughtful Selection ~ We’ll help you pair the perfect morganite to enhance your prized possession. Regardless of the jewelry type, your missing, fractured, or broken morganite will be replaced with the perfect match to your jewelry’s specific setting. We focus on the thoughtful selection of your jewelry’s morganite replacement, and we always go the extra lengths to make sure your item is flawless and left without a trace of our work.

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Multiple Options of Insured Shipping

We offer free standard shipping* and many additional options of insurance plans to keep your precious package extra safe.
*Partnered Stores/Manufacturers may have their own requirements for shipping and/or insurance specifications.

Brilliant Morganite Settings

Morganite happens to be a versatile, gemstone. Feel free if you’d prefer to choose from a wide range of styles. Not sure what you want? We would recommend the following popular options:

  • Rose Gold Settings: This particular setting will look great with your morganite gemstone. The metal color has a tendency to reflect off of the stone, which will amplify and enhance your morganite’s pink or peach color.
  • Diamond Halos/Diamond Accent Stones: This setting offers an additional way to enhance your center morganite. Colorless diamonds will create mores sparkle and visually contrast your morganite center stone, highlighting the color.

Alternative Gemstone Options

Morganite has popular colors to choose from that are priced reasonably. Morganite features fantastic wearability, so it cane be rare people search for alternatives.

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There stones that offer what some might consider a more vivid color, especially the pink ruby. Highly saturated morganite will generally be light in color. Other gemstones often reach more intense color shades, especially rubies, sapphires, and emeralds.

Pink sapphire is generally a good choice for those who would like more vividly pink options. Morganite will generally offer the peach and pink coloring while sapphires offer more purplish pink coloring. Pink sapphires are for those who would like an extra jolt of pink.

Morganite Replacement Pricing Details

Morganite replacement services are variable depending on the item in question. The cost will come down to the stone desired and price can increase if there is damage to the setting.

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Have Questions?

How Do You Replace a Missing Morganite?
  • The process of a Morganite Replacement is straight-forward but requires trained eyes to be able to make a flawless switch. We aim to leave no trace of our work, which means not only will your setting be perfected, but the morganite we choose will complete your jewelry piece effortlessly.
  • First, we begin by evaluating your item. In the case of a missing morganite, we search for a perfect match to replace the missing gem(s). Once the necessary materials have been acquired, we then complete the Gemstone Replacement process by masterfully setting each of the stones. Finishing the service with a clean and polish that will leave your item looking as beautiful as the day you got it.
Who Does Morganite Replacements & Where Do I Go to Get It Done?
  • A Morganite Replacement service requires the expertise of a Master Jeweler and a Professional Stone Sourcing team. At My Jewelry Repair, we have both of these necessary elements in order to offer the highest caliber gemstone replacement available.
  • With us, you don’t have to go anywhere! Our online, contact-less service makes it possible to replace your morganite all from the comfort of your home!
How Much Does a Morganite Replacement Cost?
  • The price of a Morganite Replacement varies depending on the price of the new stone(s), as well as the amount of damage, etc.
  • For more information regarding the pricing of our jewelry repair services, feel free to check out our Pricing page.
What Standard of Morganite Does My Jewelry Repair Use?
  • At My Jewelry Repair, the standard of morganite we use varies depending on the standard of the gemstone we are replacing. If there is not a request for a specific caliber of morganite, we will find one that matches the quality of your stone perfectly. Of course, if you wish to increase the quality or lower the quality of your morganite, those changes can be accommodated upon request.
  • For alternative gemstone options, as well as more information regarding the Professional Sourcing of our morganite/gemstones, please visit our Gemstone Replacement service page
How Does Morganite Replacement Online Work?

You Never Have to Leave Your Home with Our Online Jewelry Repair Process!

  • Create your order.
  • Print your shipping label and order slip.
  • Choose your insurance, pack your repair(s).
  • My Jewelry Repair provides step-by-step instructions for safe packaging and travel. All you have to do from there is schedule USPS courier pickup if you don’t want to leave your home, or drop-off (with your nearest USPS location). Tracking included for safe arrival and transparency.

You’ll never have to navigate a baffling mall layout again, looking for a ‘quick’ repair that takes forever. All you have to do is put the item in the mail and we’ll have your perfected item back to you in no time!

How Long Does a Morganite Replacement Service Typically Take?
  • On average, a Morganite Replacement repair takes 2-4 business days, but the timeline will vary depending on numerous factors, such as the required labor, the extent of the damage, the receiving of necessary gemstones/materials, etc.
  • For more information regarding the timeline of your Morganite Replacement service, please refer to our Standard Timelines page.
You Have Questions, We Have Answers!
  • If you have any questions regarding our Morganite Replacement service, please feel free to Contact Us. We are more than happy to answer any questions or discuss any concerns you may have!

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