Quartz Watch Movement Repair Services

Servicing Your Quartz Watch Movement

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Restore Your Watch Today!


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What is Quartz Watch Movement?

Quartz movements are battery-powered and winding is never required, even if you don’t wear the watch for some time. Although Quartz Watch Movements have fewer moving parts and do not need as much servicing as Mechanical Wind Up or Automatic Watch Movements, quartz movement batteries will last between 12 to 24 months and will need a battery replacement on the regular. Quartz watches also break down over time and will need replacement services, especially in the case of battery acid and water damage that will affect the watch movement itself.

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Quartz Movement Repair Services

What is most important about your quartz watch is to replace the battery as swiftly as possible. Once the watch battery dies, there’s a chance that the battery can start leaking acid, which will do considerable damage to the movement. It is advised to not try to replace your own watch battery, unless you have the proper water pressurization equipment and trained expertise. Our certified watchmakers have the knowledge and dexterity to successfully repair any problem on any type of watch movement in order to keep your watch running with optimal performance.

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Not sure what watch service you need?

Not only are Watch Movement Repair Services required after a prolonged period of time after its last service, Watch Movement Repair Services are also mostly likely required after needing Watch Crystal Replacements as tiny glass particles from a cracked Watch Crystal may fall into the many moving parts and gears within the Watch Movement.

There are other Watch Movement Repair Services that include the other types of movements such as Mechanical Wind Up Movement Watches, Automatic Mechanical Movement Watches, and Vintage Watches.

The Watch Service Process

Certified Premier Services

Services regarding any of the three types of watch movements requires careful and expert skill. We make the quality care and repair of your watch as a priority whether it be for a complete overhaul or a simple battery replacement to keep your watch ticking with minimum wear. Our Team of Experienced Watchmakers surpass these standards and have many Certifications, including:

  • CW21
  • SWATCH Group

Among others, and more still to come! (Learn More)

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Professional Parts Sourcing Team

Genuine parts, especially for rare vintage watches, can be a challenge, but our long history within the industry has given us access to great sources around the globe. Even if the parts are no longer available, our certified watchmakers can manufacture some parts if needed. Our team is committed to providing the most premier service to restore your timepiece and have it running like new again.

Ensuring Elite Watch Repair Services

My Jewelry Repair is committed to providing premier watch repair services for your watch. Any type of watch that we receive will go through our state-of-the-art Watch Repair Service Center. This Repair Service Center was specifically made to have your watch movement serviced in an environment that ensures that your timepiece will not be at risk with any dust nor microscopic air particles that would inhibit the proper repair.

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Watch Your Movement Being Serviced

Don’t miss out on the unique opportunity to watch your repair done live! My Jewelry Repair is inviting customers to a once in a lifetime experience, we will be taking you on a tour of our newly constructed facility along with a first-hand experience witnessing your watch come back to life. Be sure to look out for the chance to schedule an appointment early 2021 to join us on this experience.

Our Master Technicians Handle It All

At My Jewelry Repair, our team of master craftsmen have over 20 years of experience bringing timepieces back to their former glory, no matter how simple or complicated your timepiece may be. From professional battery replacements to mechanical movement overhauls, we have all of your watch repair needs covered!

We Service Various Watch Makes & Models

Bulova, Accutron, Swiss Army, Citizen, Gucci, Omega, Seiko, Tag Heuer, Movado, Victorinox, Pocket Watches, Vintage Timepieces and more.

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Servicing Your Timepiece With a Clean and Polish

Here at My Jewelry Repair, we can make your item shine like the day you got it. Restore your timepiece with a Clean and Polish, which is part of the routine care and maintenance in order to keep your treasure looking like new. Our Watch Repair Service Center utilizes state-of-the-art technology, for example, the Crevoisier Polishing Machine, which is essential to our process providing you with premier watch repair and restoration services.

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