Post Valentine’s Day Reparations

Valentine’s Day has come and gone and it either went off without a hitch or any number of hitches came into play and now you’re in damage control. Was one of those hitches maybe a misfit ring, a loose-fitting watch, or a piece of jewelry that simply doesn’t fit your significant other?

What We Mean By Misfit

The most common ring size for men is 10 and for women it’s size 7. But some people are quirky. Some people are more difficult to shop for. If you didn’t get it right this time around, you can save face by sizing the ring up or down, getting watch links added or removed, or choosing any number of My Jewelry Repair’s certified watch and jewelry repair services.

Jewelry and Valentine’s Day

Jewelry isn’t as synonymous with Valentine’s Day as, say, flowers or chocolates, but many jewelers do hold Valentine’s Jewelry sales to boost revenue. What’s that mean for you? It means it’s a great time of year to commemorate a loved one while also being as cost-effective as possible. Please note we did not say cheap. We would never say that.

V Day by the Numbers

The National Retail Federation anticipated that 19.6 billion dollars would be spent on Valentine’s Day this year. The average American spends $143.56 on Valentine’s Day.

Jewelry, whether it be a ring, necklace, bracelet, earrings, or a nice watch — they’re all great cherries to emphatically place at the top of a Valentine’s Day date, that much is certain.

In 2016 alone 4.5 billion dollars was spent on jewelry for Valentine’s Day with the average purchase set at $166. Maybe that was you. Your head was in the right place, because by choosing to gift jewelry you’ve already set yourself apart from the herd, because celebrants are most likely to purchase candy (55% likely), greeting cards (45.9% likely) and roses (35.6% likely).

Choosing jewelry is a great way to catch your special someone by surprise. You did that, but maybe you made some waves because that fantastic watch doesn’t quite fit.

Watch Repair by Mail, Jewelry Repair by Mail — We do both!

Maybe your heart was in the right place but the ring or watch was the wrong size. That’s where My Jewelry Repair comes into play. You select your repair, whether it be ring sizing, ring resizing, cleaning and polishing, half and full shank repair, or watch link additions and removals, then you send your repair to us through secure mail.

We do all the repairs, basically. And you never have to leave the comfort of your own home. No stuffy lines at the mall. No trip to the local jeweler. Visit our easy breezy website where you select your repair, print your materials, pack your repair, then send it off to us via USPS pick-up. It’s really that easy. We send your jewelry or watch back to you, better than new. Watch and jewelry repairs made simple.

Fixing Your Valentine’s Day Miscalculations

Image Showing Fixing Your Valentine’s Day Miscalculations

Jewelry sales in the US increased to 19.8 billion dollars for Valentine’s Day gift purchases, which means that many people are still commemorating their love on this popular holiday in the form of rings, necklacesbraceletswatches, and more.

Just like purchasing any other item under the sun, there might be a problem with sizing — especially if you intend the gift to be a surprise. It’s hard to get that information from your loved one without giving yourself away.

That’s why My Jewelry Repair has an easy, online, mail-in process if you got the ring size wrong or that watch doesn’t quite fit the way it was supposed to. Below are a few of the services we provide that will get you out of a pinch fast.

Ring Sizing Services

Your person might be easy to shop for and wear a size 10 (for a man) or a 7 (for a woman). However, many folks fall outside of those numbers, but do not worry. We can size your ring up or down and you can choose from a number of repair services that fit your needs.

Watch Repair Services

My Jewelry Repair offers full-service repair performed by certified watchmakers. We can help with link additions or removals if the watch doesn’t quite fit like a glove. We can also perform engraving services, not to mention vintage timepiece restorations.

Vintage Jewelry Repair

If you found a vintage piece that needs repair, whether it’s a bracelet that needs some metal work or a necklace that needs a stone setting or pearl restringing, we perform work of the highest craftsmanship and skill level.

Jewelry, a Cut Above Chocolate

Nothing says I love you like a fantastic watch or piece of jewelry. Just like any other high-end purchase, watches and jewelry will need routine care and maintenance to stay shining and function properly. My Jewelry Repair is here to perform any repair or maintenance you need with our easy online, mail-in process. Repairs made simple. Hope your Valentine’s Day was one for the books!