Fixing Your Valentine’s Day Miscalculations

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Jewelry sales in the US increased to 19.8 billion dollars for Valentine’s Day gift purchases, which means that many people are still commemorating their love on this popular holiday in the form of rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, and more.

Just like purchasing any other item under the sun, there might be a problem with sizing — especially if you intend the gift to be a surprise. It’s hard to get that information from your loved one without giving yourself away.

That’s why My Jewelry Repair has an easy, online, mail-in process if you got the ring size wrong or that watch doesn’t quite fit the way it was supposed to. Below are a few of the services we provide that will get you out of a pinch fast.

Ring Sizing Services

Your person might be easy to shop for and wear a size 10 (for a man) or a 7 (for a woman). However, many folks fall outside of those numbers, but do not worry. We can size your ring up or down and you can choose from a number of repair services that fit your needs.

Watch Repair Services

My Jewelry Repair offers full-service repair performed by certified watchmakers. We can help with link additions or removals if the watch doesn’t quite fit like a glove. We can also perform engraving services, not to mention vintage timepiece restorations.

Vintage Jewelry Repair

If you found a vintage piece that needs repair, whether it’s a bracelet that needs some metal work or a necklace that needs a stone setting or pearl restringing, we perform work of the highest craftsmanship and skill level.

Jewelry, a Cut Above Chocolate

Nothing says I love you like a fantastic watch or piece of jewelry. Just like any other high-end purchase, watches and jewelry will need routine care and maintenance to stay shining and function properly. My Jewelry Repair is here to perform any repair or maintenance you need with our easy online, mail-in process. Repairs made simple. Hope your Valentine’s Day was one for the books!