The History of Jewelry Around the World – Inspiration, Purpose, and Design

The History of Jewelry Around the World Series
The history of jewelry and accessorizing likely dates back further than we’re able to gauge, but historians just haven’t been able to prove that neanderthals differentiated themselves by trying to pull off a distinct look just yet.  

 However, we do believe strongly at My Jewelry Repair that it’s always been important to look good while evading predators — there’s a reason why so many fashion designers look to the animal kingdom for inspiration, both for items of clothing, watch designs, and jewelry designs for that matter. 

People Want to Be the Same, but People Also Want to Be Different…

Human beings themselves have accessorized — perhaps taking cues from the animal kingdom — since the beginning of recorded time. Those peacocks really know how to stand out from the crowd, right? But, conversely, chameleons really know how to blend in with their surroundings if they need to. 

 Well… human beings know how to do the same by now, and we got it from our ancestors. 

 In the spirit of humanity’s rich history of jewelry and accessory design, My Jewelry Repair decided to provide our customers and readership with a series of articles that take an in-depth historical look at jewelry, accessorizing, and humanity’s relationship with the two. 

Why Accessorize?

People utilize accessories in order to pull off an elevated and distinct look but also to raise their confidence. Have you ever worn an awesome watch to accentuate an outfit you were excited about? How did that day go for you as a result? 

 Amazing jewelry and accessory creations have surfaced from just about every known civilization, spanning ancient Sumer, Egypt, Europe, Asia, and even the Americas. 

 People, being the resourceful beings that they are, have always created their jewelry and accessories from materials made available by their surrounding world — the rarer the material, the easier it was and is to differentiate oneself from the rest of the tribe, herd, or office, and, as a result, the more desirable the piece of jewelry and accessory was to the individual. 

 Accessories and jewelry that people have worn throughout history have been used to show rank, social status, economic status, and more. Think of jewelry and accessories as a shorthand of sorts that says, “Hey! Over here! Check me out!” 

 Accessories and jewelry worn throughout the history of humanity have ranged from rings, necklaces, earrings, hair combs, and pendants to watches/timepieces, wristbands, anklets, tennis bracelets, and more. These adornments worn by people from all walks of life and from all cultures were made of precious metals like gold and silver, not to mention adorned or laced with rare gemstones, enriched and finished with enamel. 

 The better the craftsmanship, the more desirable the piece of jewelry or accessory. Just like today, certain regions of the world were best known for creating certain pieces of jewelry and accessories, while others might be known for being home to the rarest jewels and gemstones on earth, and in stark abundance. 

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Just like humanity has a rich history in crafting jewelry, you likely keep your jewelry and watches you keep to commemorate the historical events in your own life. My Jewelry Repair is here to repair, restore, or give the routine maintenance your watches and jewelry need to truly shine. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our simple online ordering process. 

 For more information about jewelry, accessories, and their role throughout our history, be sure to tune into the rest of our series of blogs!